Rix's Set Lists for Oct 26, 1998

"A young man may give you passion, but an older guy rubs your feet"

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Arrow Zombie Nite Zombie Soca
Blue Notes Vampire Expecting 2 Fly
Legendary Pink Dots Is It Something I Said?  
Trinidad Rio & Briyu Voodoo Man Rain Kriso
Archers Of Loaf Dead Red Eyes White Trash Heros
Astley, Elizabeth Waiting 2 Fall If U Can't Please Yourself (Comp)
Most Secret Method Real Sex Get Lovely
Marie & Wildwood Flowers Salty Hound In Gold We Trust (Comp)
Tindersticks Waiting Round U Instrumental Thang (Comp)
Destroy All Monsters Bored Bored
Destroy All Monsters Bored Bored
Blue Oyster Cult We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Live In Newcastle) Some Enchanted Evening
Schifrin, Lalo Quiet Village Black Widow
Gaye, Marvin I'm Falling In Love Again Here, My Dear
Mari My Favorite Things Sushi 3001 (Comp)
Blas, Johnny We're Partners In Love Mambo 2000
Stylistics You'll Never Get 2 Heaven Bacharach Box Set
Band, Ellen Railroad Gamelan Aerial X
Cage, John Spring (Stephen Drury, Piano) Complete Pianovol 3
Manning, Barbara Never Park Lately I Keep Scissors (LP)
Spirit Taurus Box Set (Thanx, Mr. Brainen)
Spirit Girl In Your Eye Box Set
Grownups Pretty In Pink 90s Teen Bands Play 80s Movie Songs
K-Stars Drugs And Gurus Teenbeat 98 (Comp)
Glowworm Stars Above Why Popstars Can't Dance (Comp)
Ash Ra Temple Interplay Of Forces Join In
My Bloody Valentine Blow A Wish Loveless
My Bloody Valentine Blow A Wish Loveless
Steamkings Sad About U  
Utopia I Will Wait 

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