Rix's Set Lists for Oct 19, 1998

"Don't try to understand it, the pleasure's worth the fear"

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Silos Start The Clock (1986 LP)
Lunch, Lydia Gloomy Sunday (1980 CD Rerelease)
Procul Harum 2 Much Between Us A Salty Dog
Fisher, Matthew (X-Procul) Hard 2 B Sure Journey's End
Hinton, Eddie Concept World Very Extremely Dangerous (1976)
Pastry Heros Sparkle Horn Rim Fury EP
Jags She's So Considerate (1980 LP)
Del Counts What Is The Reason? (Rascals Cover) Soma Record Story
Wild Carnations Crickets 7"
Frost, Edith Falling Telescopic
Ferrari, Larry The Entertainer (On Conn Organ) Rainbow Of Musical Favorites
P F S Buster Keaton Illustrative Problems
Coriell, Chris Andrew Reel Sense Electrostatic Presents V2
Friction Antenna + Moon Replicant Walk
Germs Let's Pretend Q
Nelson, Sandy No Matter What Shape & Then There Were Drums
Charles, Teddy (With Mingus) Relaxo Abstracto Evolution (1956)
Schifrin, Lalo Jaws Black Widow
Soul Bosso Trio Mambo Parisienne (Mancini) Soul Bosso Trio
Daktaris Quiet Man Is Dead Man Soul Explosion
Byrd, Donald Miss Kane Blue Breakbeats
Wyatt, Robert A Last Straw Rock Bottom
Llhamo, Yungcheng Heart Coming Home
Ash Ra Tempel Day Dream Join In (Starring Rosi)
Jayhawks Pray For Me (For Ms Bobbq) Tomorrow The Green Grass
Bevis Frond He Had U North Circular
Berryhill, Cindy Lee What's Wrong With Me? Naked Movie Star
Danger In Paradise (Beresford & Toop) We Travel The Spaceways General Strike
Phonosyncographdisk Thinking Room Sculpture Ancienttermites
Kitty Vermont Elegance 7"
Bethania, Maria Dizer Adieu The Art Of
Gelmette, Victorio Nous Iruns A Tahiti Elettroniche

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