Rix's Set Lists for Oct 12, 1998

It's Indian Tobacco, My Friend

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Johns, Evan & The H Bombs Madhouse Rollin' Thru The Nite
Her Space Holiday Hair Cut Short Bottlenekk Sampler CD
Archers Of Loaf Slightly Wrong Move White Trash Heroes
Destroy All Monsters What Do I Get? Bored
Titans A Summer Place Soma Record Story 1963-67
Cowsills Far Away Global
Saints Story Of Love I'm Stranded
Frost, Edith U Belong 2 No One Telescopic
Fisher, Matthew Play The Game Journey's End (1972)
Peacock, Annette I'm The One I'm The One (1972)
Get Carter Soundtrack Goodbye Carter Get Carter
Hancock, Herbie Rain Dance (1967)
Ligeti, Lukas & Beta Foly Village Dans 8 Pays Ligeti & Foly
Orton, Beth She Cries Your Name Trailer Park
Polyphemus Sea Map Great Village EP
Callier, Terry Lazarus Man Time Peace
Donato Beautiful One A Bad Donato
Cornershop It's Indian Tobacco, My Friend When I Was Born For The 7th Time
Chandra, Sheila The Enchantment Weaving My Ancestors Voices
Ramani, Dr. & Trichy Sankaran Sobhillu Saptavara Lotus Signal
Banaphshu & Grady Gendig From The Interior Of Anaphoria
Quartet Music (With Nels Cline) Fall Colors Summer Night
Cockburn, Bruce Lord Of The Starfields In The Falling Dark
Serpent Power Forget Serpent Power (1967)
Fearing, Stephan Blind Indifference Industrial Lullaby
Frost, Edith The Very Earth Telescopic
Bethania, Maria Ambar Brazil Now Comp
Mcduff, Brother Jack I Cover The Waterfront Screamin'
Johhny Blas I Remember Benny Green Skin & Bones

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