Rix's Set Lists for Oct 5, 1998


ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Smith, Willie The Lion, With Mike Lipskin Sheik Of Araby California, Here I Come (LP)
Didkovsky, Nick Dance, U Monster, 2 My Soft Song Flies Before Logic
Tristano, Lenny Melancholy Baby New York Improvisations (1956)
Carroll, Cath I Remember The Sun Teenbeat 1997 (Comp)
Watson, Doc & Merle Little Maggie Home Sweet Home
Sweet Things Never Fall In Love Again Lofi Is A 4 Letter Word
Cook, J Lawrence Y Do Fools Fall In Love? Piano Roll Rock & Roll (LP)
Magnolia Sisters Big Nite Special Prends Courage
Buckinghams Don't Want 2 Cry Kind Of A Drag
Dmf With Bindu Rani Culture Clash (Comp)
Jam Nation She Moved Thru The Fair Way Down Below Buffalo Hell
Akhbari, Djalal Improv On Bayat-E-Esfahan Art Of The Persian Santur
Pucho & Latin Soul Brothers Chitterlins Con Carne Yaina
Record, Eugene Here Come The Sun The Eugene Record
Husik, Lida Waterfall Faith In Space
Sonami, Lactitia Perfume (Words By Melody Sumner Carnahan) Time Is Now
Balint, Eszter Mambo Sun Jewish Music: Marc Bolan
Archers Of Loaf Big Red Eyes White Trash Heroes
Carter, Betty I Cry Alone (Bacharach) Whatever Happened 2 Love?
Carter, Betty 2 Cigarettes In The Dark Round Midnite
Carter, Betty Make It Last What A Little Moonlight Can Do
Carter, Betty I Wonder Round Midnite
Carter, Betty What A Little Moonlight Can Do What A Little Moonlight Can Do
Carter, Betty Everytime We Say Goodbye Whatever Happened 2 Love?
Harrison, Lou Song Of Quetzacoatl Perilous Chapel
Ganger Blau Hammock Style
Smith, Linda I'll Never C U Again Nothing Else Matters
Son Volt Street That Time Walks (CD)
Manning, Barbara Lover's Leap In New Zealand
Mantler, Michael 18 Something There
Plush (I Didn't Know) I Was Asleep More U Becomes U
Dr. John I Walk On Gilded Splinters Gris Gris

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