Rix's Set Lists for Sept 28, 1998


ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Cage, John Fontanarix Chance Mix For Lp & 3 Sound Effect Cds Electronic Music (Vox)
Osborne Brothers The Cuckoo
Ganger Upye Hammock Style
Whitefronts Ancient Farmer (1988 LP)
Archers Of Loaf Banging On A Dead Drum White Trash
Ruin, Julie My Morning Is Summer Julie Ruin
Zony Mash & Wayne Horovitz Electric Sandworm Brand Spankin' New
Lattimore Something About You It Ain't Where U Been
Fire This Time Reluctant Warrior Dub Still Dancing On John Wayne's Grave
Narcoleptics High Over Glenely Coffee Table Music (Comp CD)
Kosugi, Takehisa Violin Improvisations Takehisa Kosugi
Ginsberg, Allen Kaddish (Excerpt, Live 1959) Howl & Other Poems
Pike, Dave El Die Bie Got The Feeling (1969)
King, Albert Walking The Backstreets & Crying I Wanna Get Funky (Stax)
Ellington, Duke Mood Indigo Paris Blues Sdtrk
Grub, Dave 2 Shades Of Blue The Thicket
Lady Wylde Poor Kid Heartbeats & Other West Texas Girls (CD)
Only A Mother Do U Want 2 Know A Secret? Pretty Damned Snout
Tatertotz Rain Mo No!
Critters Awake In A Dream Touch 'n Go
Cream Doing That Scrapyard Thing Goodbye
Barbieri, Gato Nunca Mas Latin America: Chapter 1
Capricorn College Mab, Mystic Woman Mo Plen 1000 (Comp)
Stems At First Sight 3 Rrr (1988 Comp LP)
Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers Prayer Of Changing Leaf Pacific Coast Rambler (With Victoria Williams)
Felt Something Sends Me 2 Sleep Gold Mine
Wood, Jen Aching Heart  
Grieg Wedding Day At Troldhagen Utah Symphony (1976 LP)
Albert Hall R53 Coffee Table Music (CD Comp)
Reich, Steve For Mallet Instruments, Voices & Organ Works

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