Rix's Set Lists for September 21, 1998

Picnic With The Gypsies By The Gravesite Of Our Love

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Last Band Pot Party Demo (CD)
Jenkins, Ella The Coo Coo Harry Smith Connection (CD)
Kennedys The Coo Coo Angel Face (CD)
Parkins, Zeena Dreamy Lips No Way Back (CD)
Dave Pike Set Spooky Get The Feeling (CD 1969 Reissue)
Tricycle Lemonade Parade Tricycle (1969 LP)
Aoki, Tatsu Jealous Phallus Needless To Say (CD)
Eno & Cale Spinning Away Wrong Way Up (CD)
Immigrant Suns Cafe Turke More Than Food (CD)
Huntington Cads Arabesque Shots In The Dark (Mancini Tribute CD)
Castor Bunch, Jimmy Space Age Best Of (CD)
Marsh & Shri Asian Detective Outcastes Too Untouchable (CD Comp)
Cherry, Don Love Train Eternal Now (LP)
Uilab (Ui + Stereolab) St. Elmo's Fire Fires (CD)
Fauna Flash Velvet Strings Compost 50 (CD Comp)
Tolstoy, Leo The Peasant & The Precious Stone Stories & Fables (LP)
Mumma, Gordon & Pauline Oliveros Fwynne Gordon Mumma (LP)
Camper Van Beethoven Oh No Telephone Free Landslide Victory (CD)
Weil, Kurt Ol Musik Suite Willem Kollektief (CD)
Ellington, Duke Gypsies Love Song (1946) Battle Of The Big Bands (LP Comp)
Ivanova, Lili Night Before Exotic Beatles (CD Comp)
Accordion Tribe Jane Accordion Tribe (CD)
Anzanga Marimba Ensemble Mewese Nyaradzo (CD)
Branxton, Anthony & Stuart Gillmor Do U Know What It Means 2 Miss New Orleans? 14 Compositions (CD)
Plush Soaring & Boring More U Becomes U (CD)
Yano, Akiko End Of Summer Piano Nightly (CD)
Janacek, Leo Adagio From On The Road Complete Piano Music (LP)
Flores, Rosie God May Forgive U (But I Won't) Honky Tonk Reprise (CD)
Hirasawa & Trakranprasirt Kun Mae #2 Hirasawa (CD)
Smoke City Lionrock Mix Underwater Love (CD)
Maw Lam Gion I've Lost My Chance 2 B Your Husband Fong Naam - Music From Thailand (Cd)
Lyman, Arthur Fascination Legend Of Pele (CD)
Monte, Marisa Speak Low Marisa Monte (CD)
Konitz, Lee & Peggy Stern Triste Jobin Collection (CD)

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