Rix's Set Lists for Sept 14, 1998

Is It Wicked Not To Care?

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Lazy Boy Theme From Headtrader Amnesia (CD)
Dymaxion Why? Why Do I Bum Around? (7")
Primitive Calendars Pumping Ugly Muscle Dogs In Space Sdtrk (LP)
Mermen Meandher (CD)
Archers Of Loaf Bumpo All The Nation's Airports (CD)
Pell Mell Smoke Flow (CD)
Lovich, Lene U Can't Kill Me Flex (1979 LP)
Anubian Lights Ali Mamoun's Broken Entranceway (CD)
Astral Park Are You Experienced? Are You Who I Am? (CD)
Nazz Kicks Nazz Iii (LP)
Redman, Dewey Image In Disguise Ear Of The Behearer (1972 LP, Dewey Plays Musette)
Husik, Lida The Planet's On (Her New CD)
Unrest Hydrofoil #4 Bpm 1991-1994 (CD)
Belle & Sebastian Is It Wicked Not To Care? Boy With An Arab Strap (CD)
Young, Neil Over & Over Ragged Glory (CD With Crazy Horse)
Dresher, Paul Destiny For Electric Guitar & Tape Loop This Same Temple (CD)
Two Noises Thematico 7"
Nikila, Anton This Area Formalist (CD)
Takase, Aki Takedano Komoriuti Perdido (Aki Plays Koto & Piano, 1982 CD)
Trundle, Boo Siva -
Gold Sparkle Band Flow Of X (7")
Gillman, Jane Howling At The Moon Jane Gillman (CD)
Prolapse Cacaphony Italian Flag (CD)
Cherry, Neneh Inna City Woman Raw Like Sushi (LP)
Irresistable Force Nepalese Bliss, Dj Food Mix Nepalese Bliss (CD)
Lohan, Sinead I Don't Know No Mermaid (CD)
Scott, Jimmy Someone 2 Watch Over Me All The Way (CD)
Christy, June Lost In A Summer Night Gone For The Day (LP Arr. Pete Rugolo)
Costello, Elvis In The Darkest Hour Painted From Memory, With Burt Bacharach (CD)
Drummond, Ray Can't Get Started (LP)

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