Rix's Set Lists for Sept 7, 1998

What's Her Name Today?

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Houston Opera Co. Summertime Porgy & Bess (LP)
Santamaria, Mongo Summertime Mr. Watermelon Man (LP)
Mizzy, Vic Malibu Don't Make Waves, Make Love Sdtrk (LP)
Wallis, Ruth The Pharoah's Daughter-In-Law French Postcards (LP)
Bennett, Tony & Count Basie With Plenty Of Money & U Basie Swings, Bennett Sings (Lp)
Lynn, Gloria I Can't Give U Anything But Love Miss Gloria Lynn (1958, Prod. By Raymond Scott)
Brown, Odell & The Organizers Anna Ducky (LP)
Basie, Count Underneath The Mango Tree Basie Meets Bond (LP)
Robinson, Smokey Love So Fine Love Breeze (LP)
X I'll Stand Up For U Ain't Love Grand (LP)
Harper, Roy & Dream Society Angel Of The Nite (CD)
Velvette, Lorette In Every Dreamhome A Heartache 7"
Peanut Butter Wolf The Chronicles Bomb Djs (CD Comp)
Haack, Bruce School For Robots Hush Little Robot (CD)
Peacock, Annette Pony I'm The One (CD 1972)
Headhunters Rima Survival Of The Fittest (LP 1975)
Knight, Cheri Hear Say Mouth Music From Olympia Wa (LP Comp)
Hooverphonic Eden Blue Wonder Powdermilk (CD)
Costello, Elvis What's Her Name Today? Painted From Memory (CD)
Demarinis, Paul Yellow Yankee Tellus #9 (Cassette Audio Mag)
Raaijmakers, Dick Film Music (1966) Complete Music CD Box
Pluramon Tel. Bill (CD)
Asteroid #4 What A Way 2 Go (CD)
Earland, Charles 8 After 10 Whip Appeal (CD)
New Cool Collective Ganesh New Cool Collective (CD)
Anubian Lights Frequency Of Sand Let Not The Flames Die Out (CD)
Jones, Quincy Caravan Great Wide World Of Quincy Jones (LP Big Band Session)
Solima, Giovanni Rotating Dance #7 Aquilarco (CD)
Moffatt, Kathy A Man I Once Did Own ( Patrick Sky) Angel Town (CD)
Torowicz, Macej 2 Hearts (Koto + Ambient Sound) Tokyo Roots (CD)
Raine-Reusch, Randy Of Pine & Silk For Koto Musicworks 71 (CD Comp)

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