Rix's Set Lists for June 29, 1998

I Need Somebody Groovy

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Archers Of Loaf Let The Loser Melt ( CD)
Young, Neil Stupid Girl Zuma (LP)
Rolling Stones Stupid Girl Aftermath (Mono LP)
Chrys&Themums Getting Off A One Way Train (CD)
Splendora Rat Fink (CD)
Dylan, Bob Queen Jane Approximately Highway 61 Revisted
Salant, Norman Sax Talk Sax Talk (LP)
Evora, Ceasaria Bia (Miss Perfurado) CD
Reid, Terry No Expression (LP)
Souled American ?Frozen (CD)
Ventures El Watusi Let's Go! (LP)
Chaino Slave Girl (CD)
Surfmen Luau (LP)
Lake, Oliver Don't Go Crazy (LP)
Trundle, Boo Tiger Memoirs The Vast Underneath (CD)
Fourwaycross Sharpened Knife (CD)
Ash Ra Tempel Helensee Private Tapes
Antietam Good Kirk, Bad Kirk (CD)
Holmes, Cecil Superfly Black Motion Picture Experience (LP)
Sugarman 3 Sock Monkey Sugar's Boogaloo (CD)
Mamas & Papas (I Need) Somebody Groovy If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears (LP)
Earth, Wind & Fire In The Stone (LP)
Davis, Miles (Red Garland, Piano) It Never Entered My Mind Workin' & Steamin' (LP)
Wilson, Brian Happy Days Imagination(CD)
Pointless Orchestra Titaneum Approaching Totality
Ruth Pitter (British Poet) A Poem (LP)
James Gang Thanks Rides Again (LP)
Ashtray Boy Salmon In Your Eye Candypants Beach (CD)
Burrows, Terry Loop 6 Whispering Scale
Adamson, Barry Jazz Devil As Above, So Below (CD)
Lauten, Elodie Lost In Lost LunasInscapes From Exile (CD)
One Dove (Mix By William Obit) (LP)
Tang, Llangxing Koto Song (CD)

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