Rix's Set Lists for June 2, 1998

Teenage Heaven

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Thompson, Barbara Cheeky (CD)
Cymbal, Johnny Teenage Heaven Mr. Bassman (LP)
Negativeland Chicken Diction (CD)
Tricycle Simon Says Tricycle (1969 LP)
Cowsills We Can Fly Bubblegum CD Comp
Lane, Robin & The Chartbusters What The People Say Imitation Life (1981 LP)
Polysocialites Scary Arf Arf Presents (LP)
Tripod Jimmy Franco American Long Walk Off Short Pier (LP)
Pavilion Herb Lane Theme (CD)
Danielsons The Elderly Tridanielson (CD)
Parks, Michael (Then Came Bronson) California's Fine (LP)
Low Fi Generation Was Tun Wer Es (CD)
Geme Help Me Mommy's Gone Freak Beat Fantom Comp. (LP)
Chaino Rockin' Bird Bongo Africana & Beyond (CD)
Messiaen. Oliver Oiseaux Exotiques (Yvonne Loriod, Piano) (Candide LP)
Dunn, David Mimus Polygottos Music, Language & Environment (CD)
Party Doll Sunshine Of Your Love Mystic Radio Covers Comp (LP)
Hammill, Pete Army Of The Young (Read By Rosko) Murder At Kent State (LP)
Quicksilver Messenger Service Mona Happy Trails (LP)
Screwdriver Up From The Sea (CD)
Dozier, Gene Mustang Sally Blues Power (LP)
Pizzicato Five My Baby Portable Player (CD)
Starpoint Use Me (Bill Withers) (LP)
Garbage Sleep Together Version 2.0 (CD)
Jazzdelic Game Fat Jazzy Grooves Comp. (LP)
Mgs Neck Bone The Mgs (LP)
Rooly Dead Of Night Hayseed (CD)
Black Girls Broken Leg Frequency Comp. (LP)
Sad Rockets Cold Curry  
James Gang All The Same Thirds (LP)
Mclaughlan, John Peace 1 My Goal's Beyond (LP)

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