Rix's Set Lists for May 19th, 1998

How To Clean Squid

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Nelson Witchcraft Witchcraft LP
Rutter, John & Cambridge Singers The Month Of Maying LP
Other Parts Pebble In My Eye CD
Buffalo Daughter Great 5 Lakes 
Sonami, Letitia De What Happened Imaginary Landscapes CD
Algebra Suicide Summer Virus Night CD
Callier, Terry Trance On Sedgwick St. LP
Ectasy Of St. Theresa Fluidum EP
84 Rooms Camel Boots LP
Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather Talk About The Weather LP
Bachman Turner Overdrive Let It Roll Down The Highway Fragile LP
Cole, Cozy Topsy Pt Ii Liberty Instrumental Hits V7 LP
Stitt, Sonny Topsy Constellation LP
Macy, Carlton Falling (4 Saxes) Sax Ascendent CD
Armstrong, Louis Got A Lot Of Living To Do Hello Dolly LP
A Thinking Plague How To Clean Squid LP
Bley, Carla Funny Bird Song Tropic Appetites LP
Costello, Elvis Only Flame In Town Greatest Hits CD
Hovaness Invocation 2 Set Of Five CD
Cfm Band My Baby This Is Acid Jazz Cd
Brides Of Funkenstein I'm Holding You Responsible Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy LP
Cropper, Steve Rattlesnake Little Help From My Friends LP
Gap Band Merry Go Round LP
Dorge, Pierre Suho Ning Samo Very Hot, Even The Moon Is Dancing LP
Skeletal Remains M Drool LP
Hyaa! Mongolian Labor Camp LP
Guild Of Temporal Adventurers The Only Stars Are In Your Eyes EP
Amacher, Mary Anne Music Rooms Imaginary Landscapes CD
Rundgren, Todd Marlene Something/Anything Lp
Ryzuk, John And Fusion Quartet Vibes LP
Fleetwood Mac That's All Tusk LP
Bowery Electric Fear Of Flying Beat CD
Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground Abstract Vibes CD
Rush, Tom No Regrets Circle Game LP

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