Rix's Set Lists for April 14, 1998

There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Percussive Art Ensemble Pentatonic Clock Lp
Yoko, Konno & Kids Sakura, Sakura I Remember Japan LP
Jones, Quincy Hot Sake Mercury Living Presence Comp.LP
Misko, Kusakari Okinu Kiuta I Remember Japan LP
Lyman, Arthur China Nights Live At Crescendo LP
Umeki, Myoshi China Nights Sings For Arthur Godfrey LP
Mancini, Henry Mr. Yuniyoshi Breakfast At Tiffany's LP
Polvo Feathers Of Forgiveness Exploded Drawing CD
Fugazi Arpeggiator End Hits CD
Sonic's Rendevous Band Electrophonic Tonic Motor City's Burning CD
Fugs Nothing Broadside Esp LP
Alan, Ricky There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie Mondo Cane LP
Barrett, Natasha Racing Through, Racing Unseen Miniatures Concrete CD
Fugazi Guilford Fall End Hits CD
Orton, Beth With Terry Callier Dolphins CD
Ennis, Julian Blackboard Jungle The Poet Speaks #3 LP
Crawford Seeger, Ruth Andante From Quartet Seeger - Pearle - Babbitt LP
K Stars Drugs & Gurus Teenbeat Sampler #9 CD
Shepp, Archie Mama Too Tight Mama Too Tight CD
Shepp, Archie Theme For Ernie Mama Too Tight Cd
Bennett, Tony & Count Basie Are You Having Any Fun? Bennett & Basie LP
Baron, Joey Punt Crackshot CD
Wilson, Marty Jungle Fantasy Jungala LP
Lungfish Love Will Ruin Your Mind CD
Undisputed Truth I'm Losing You Cosmic Truth LP
Them Gonna Dress In Black CD
Litter Little Red Book CD
Kletter, Dana & Karen Beach Song Dear Enemy CD
Perception Unit Fax From Nostradomus CD
Solex Solex In A Slipshod Style CD
Roach & King Rain & Creosote Dust To Dust CD
Lee, Peggy Shangri La In The Name Of Love LP
Nwe, U Yee/Sanda Kein NayBeautiful Angels Sandaya: Piano Music Of Burma Cd
Sanders, Pharoah Astral Traveling Thembi CD
Cascades Shy Girl 7"

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