Rix's Set Lists for January 13, 1998

Marcel Duchamp Presents "Blues in a Jiff"

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Mandible Chatter Twilight of Idylls 
Pendu Femelle Encounter w Duchamp
Jaunties Neptune 
Kahimi Karie Good Morning 
Shaggy Dog Shaggy Dog Cha Cha 
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet Saxhouse 
Williams, Victoria Hummingbird 
Jimmy Silva's Goat Tell It 
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence Travels in American Deserta 
Smeck, Roy Laughing Rag 
Pee Shy Bathroom Floor 
Black, Walter Poker Keeno (7" with Tadlock) 
DeJohnette, Jack Ahmad the Terrible 
Su Lyn Ted Hughes 
Cannanes Committment 
Poe, Edgar Allan Fall of the House of Usher 
Dump Knicks Win 
Toenut Information 
Jim & Jean What's That Got To Do With Me 
Bread Last Time 
Fear of Strangers Sappy 4 the Guy 
Wondermints Don't Go Breaking My Heart 
Roumanian Folk Music Hey You from Buzai - The Lark 
Enesco, Georges Roumanian Rhapsody #1 
Transistor Sound & Lighting In House of Sleep 
Pretty Mary Sunshine Can I Stay? 
Pastels Cycles 
Tippett, Julie & Keith Evening Psalm 
Arthur B. Rubenstein Ghetto a la Hollyweird 
McLean, Jackie Blues in a Jiff 
Lockhart, Paula Nightlife 
Evans, Bill Speak Low 
Left Banke Pretty Ballerina 

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