October 21, 1997

Rix's Set Lists for October 21, 1997

No Earthly Means of Transportation

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Archers of Loaf Let the Losers Melt 
Tyler, T. Texas Dad Gave My Dog Away 
Byrds Old Blue 
Thick Pigeon Babcock 
Styler & Lydia Lunch, Glyn Desperate Ones 
Black Tambourine By Tomorrow 
Tiger Lillies Gouge My Eyes 
Burnett, T. Bone The Sixties 
Mothers of Invention U Didn't Try to Call Me 
Skatalites Guns of Navarone 
Fields with Marilyn Crispell, Scott Little Soldiers for Science 
Cyrkle Don't Cry, No Fears, No Tears 
Starbean No Earthly Means of Transportation 
Grosse Freiheit Espressomachina 
Santucci & Scoppa Balugla 
Fad Gadget Life on the Line 
Animals Orange & Red Beams 
Smith, Brix Hurdy Gurdy Man 
McCall, Jana Days Gone 
Shallow Goodbye 
Monahan, Denise Miss Unknown 
Seeley Love Letters to Rambler 
Wilcox, Larry Theme from "Who Do You Kill" (Kenyon Hopkins) 
O'Day, Anita If the Moon Turns Green 
Dubs Don't Ask Me to be Lonely 
Jimster Frames within Frames 
Goyette, Marie Shortcuts-Brahms 
Utopia Talking to Myself 
Bell, Sandra Seas of the Moon 
Machine for Making Sense Scene 10 
Ando, Ken Danseuse 
Parkins, Zeena Sleazy 
Jones, Quincy Turtle's Last Lap (Mirage sdtrk) 
Reich, Steve New York Counterpoint 
Boswell Sisters Sleep Come and Take Me 
Hawaiian Cowboy Music Adios Ke Aloha 
Tyner, McCoy Planet X 

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