Rix's Set Lists for August 7, 1994

No One to Drive the Car

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Williams, William Carlos For Elsie 
McDuff, Brother Jack Screamin' 
Damned Seagulls 
Swell This is how it Started 
Baczewski, Christine Monkey Jump 
Chocolate Clay I Ain't Mad at U 
Barry, John Into Miami (Goldfinger) 
Fly Ashtray Girl from the Chinese Restaurant 
Stereolab Nihilistic Assault 
Hopkins, Kenyon Monster 
Drunken Boat Lisa's Dream 
Wisteria I've Got a Car 
Soulside A Love Supreme 
Morning Glory Jelly Gas Flame 
Pizzicato 5 James Bond 
Dred Scott Check My Vibe 
Ho & the Afro Asians, Fred Kang Ding Love Song 
Walkabouts On the Beach 
Smack Dabs Bummer in the Summer 
Reich, Steve Electric Counterpoint Pt. 3 
Rhythm Rockers Moondog 
Fantastic Baggies Anywhere the Girls Are (Is alright with me) 
Basement 5 Hard Work 
X Lettuce & Vodka 
Deelite Bittersweet Lovin' 
Underworld River of Bass 

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