Rix's Set Lists for January 9, 1994


ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Mills Brothers I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm 
Cash, Johnny The Blizzard 
Hamblen, Stuart Mush! 
Coctails First Snowfall 
X T C Snowman 
Ellington, Duke Hall of the Mountain King 
Band of Weeds Ocean 
Barry, John from "Thunderball" sdtrk 
Murray, David Jazzosaurus 
Wilcox, Larry Big Deuce 
De La Soul Egotist 
Some Velvet Sidewalk Shame 
Juno Reactor Laughing Gas 
Jam Nation Sunshine 
Leaves He Was a Friend of Mine 
Hello the Band Lullaby to Nightmares 
Drizzle Salem 
Hindemith Piano Sonata #1 
Totem Pole of Losers My Compromise 
Soul Whirling Somewhere I Dream We Are Blind 

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