Rix' Set List for April 25, 1990

I should be made to wear earphones.

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Young, Neil Too Lonely to Fall in Love 
Garner, Erroll I Remember April 
Wailing Souls If I Love U 
Starpoint Send Me A Letter 
Baker, Chet There Will Never Be Another You 
Swallow, Steve Some Echoes (Words by Robert Creeley) 
Martin, Ray Hoodunit! 
Windo, Gary Sister Europe 
Smith, Jimmy Theme from "The Munsters" 
Lovich, Lene Angels 
Henry Cow Gretel's Tale 
Ellipsis Sispille 
Holmes, Leroy The Big Gundown 
Fall Popcorn Double Feature 
Satie, Erik Flabby Etudes (for a dog) 
Sea Level This Could Be The Worst 
Ulmer, James Blood Wings 
D Bs Moving 
Nelson, Tracey Take a Train 
Xtal Ragamuffin 
Mister 12 String Guitar (Glen Campbell) Like a Rolling Stone 
Zevon, Warren Wild Age 
Pancho Villa & the Bandits Marlon, Si! Brando, No! 
Jay & the Techniques Strawberry Shortcake 
Bley, Carla Ending It 
Simon, Joe The Mirror Don't Lie 
Bland, Bobby "Blue" Bad Haircut in Biloxi 
Webster, Ben My Romance 
Auger, Brian Bumpin' on Sunset 
King, Albert Cockroach 
Zorn, John Chinatown 
Record, Eugene Here Comes the Sun (E. Record) 

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