Rix's Set List for May 1, 2000

Exiles Dancing Around A Maypole

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Lansky, Paul Her Presence (on a poem by Thomas Campion) Tableaux
Ruffin, David Everything's Coming Up Love (prod. Van McCoy) Hits
Dells I Wanna Testify (prod. George Clinton) New Beginnings (1978)
Mister Len featuring Juggaknots This Morning This Morning E P
Electric Junkyard Smoke Comin' Outta Yer Ears Electric Junkyard
King, Ben E. Betcha Didn't Know That I Had a Love
Blakey Afro-Drum Ensemble, Art Ayiko, Ayiko African Beat (with Yusef Lateef, 1962)
Sharrock, Sonny Bialero Black Woman (with Linda Sharrock)
Senay, Eddie Shakeroo Step by Step
Candido Tony's Theme from "Lady in Cement" 1000 Fingered Man (1969)
Longet, Claudine Think of Rain Look of Love
Hyman, Dick Fantomfingers Fantomfingers (Phase 3 label)
Into to India Telescopic Intro to India
Flashpapr Will the Moon be Out Tonite? Do What U Must Do
Talking Harp Terpsichordean Trance You Are Here
Quicksilver Messenger Service (Have another hit of) Fresh Air Anthology
Farina, Richard & Mimi Raven Haired Girl Collection
Callier, Terry She Moved Thru the Fair Live at Mother Blues, Chicago 1964
Cantrell, Laura Little Bit of You Not the Tremblin' Kind
Jennings, Waylon Pickin' White Gold Cedartown, Georgia
Tennesee Valley Authority Short Circuit Kountry Kilowatts
Maffeo & Brendan Canty, Lois Being Blind Union Themes
Young, Neil Horseshoe Man Silver & Gold
D J Food The Crow Kaleidoscope
Riddle, Nelson Last Chance Phil Silver's Swinging Brass
Shea & Scanner, David Theme from Smootchy Smootchy Free Chocolate Love
Windo & the Shades, Pam Great Expectations-March Hare Pam Windo & the Shades (with Gary Windo, 1980)
Baca, Susan Poema Eco de Sombras
Smith, Jimmy Zodiac Song In a Brown Paper Wrapper
Gilberto, Bebel Tanto Tempo Tanto Tempo

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