Rix's Set Lists for March 24, 2000

Doctor Zoloft Visits Downtown Soulville

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Smith, Lonnie Do It Gotcha (1979)
Bond, Angelo Reach for the Moon Bondage (1975)
Record, Eugene Here Comes the Sun (E. Record) The Eugene Record (1977)
Nite-Liters Afro-Strut Instrumental Directions (1974, prod. Harvey Fuqua)
Wright, O.V. I'd Rather Be Blind, Cripple & Crazy Memphis Unlimited (1973, Prod. Willie Mitchell)
Mar-keys Angel Dust Memphis Experience (1971)
Brown, Keisha Please, Please, Please "Live" (Prod. H.B. Barnum)
Simon, Joe Old Night Owl Drowning in the Sea of Love (1972, Gamble-Huff)
Joseph, Margie I'll Always Love You Phase 2 (1972)
Lattimore, Benny Somethin' About 'Cha It ain't where you been (1976)
Rascals Island of Love Freedom Suite (1969)
Dramatics Get Up Best of the Dramatics (1974)
Earland, Charles I Wish (S. Wonder) Revelation (1977)
Brown. Odell I Love Every Little Thing About You (S. Wonder) Odell Brown

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