Rix's Set Lists for February 20, 2000

Knock Knock! Who's There? Rix. Rix Who?

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Janacek, Leos Capriccio for Left Hand Complete Piano Works, Rudolf Firkusny
Mori, Ikue Like a Reflection in the Moon 100 Aspects of the Moon
Archers of Loaf Dead Red Eyes White Trash Heroes
Hopkins, Lightnin' Happy Blues for John Glenn Walkin This Road by Myself
Pest 5000 Rocket Pussy Palimpsest
Animals on Wheels Dial Up Infinity Nuvol I Cadira
Azama, Ethel You Smell So Good Cool Heat
Sims, Zoot Sen Savdades de Voce New Beat Bossa Nova
Rexroth, Kenneth Married Blues Poetry at the Blackhawk
Adderley, Cannonball Batida Diferentes Cannonball's Bossa Nova (1962)
Patachich, Ivan Metamorphosi for Marimba & Magnetic Tape Contemporary Hungarian Percussion Music
Cage, John Quietly Flowing Along, String Quartet #1 (1950) Avante Garde String Quartet in America, Concord String Quartet (1973)
Macht, Robert Lelesan Makapu Suite for Javanese Gamelan & Synthesizer
Slave Son of Slide Slave (1977)
Booker T & the M Gs Grab Bag Universal Language (1977)
Bell, William Fifty Dollar Habit Phases of Reality (1973)
Hayes, Isaac Hung Up on My Baby Tough Guys sdtrk (1974)

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