Rix's Set Lists for January 30, 2000

Cocktails with Dante Alighieri

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Arrington, Steve Jammin' Nation Anthem Jammin' Nation Anthem
Vega, Tata Whopper Bopper Show Stopper Try My Love
Undisputed Truth 1990 Cosmic Truth (Prod. Norman Whitfield)
Prophets Of Soul Changing Things Mighty Mellow (Comp Italy)
Robinson, Smokey Hip Trip Big Time (Sdtrk)
Parker Tentet, Errol Lonesome Sister A Night In Tunisia
Cage, John Dance #3 For 2 Amplified Prepared Pianos (1945) Three Dances & Four Organs
Wright, George There's Nothin' Like A Dame Wright Goes South Pacific
De Luca, Edmond Hitler Conquerors Of The Ages
Lansky, Paul Tender Ladies Folk Images
Meltzer, David & Tina Ravel Blues Serpent Power-Poet Song
Vulgar Boatmen You Don't Love Me Yet Please Panic
Davis, Myles & Ray Herrmann Story Time Hybrid Vigor (1984)
Marks, Danny Wouldn't It Be Nice (Inst) Surfin' Safari
Schifrin, Lalo More Mission More Mission Impossible
Boss Hog Feat. Lil Zane Worldwide Renegade (Inst) Worldwide Renegade
Mancini, Henry Here's Looking Mighty Mellow (Comp LP)
Marketts Bat Cave Batman Theme
Mendes & Brasil '66, Sergio For Me Equinox
Children Of Da Ghetto It's Time To Roll (Inst) (Vinyl E P)
Cano Sextet, Eddie Short Run Deep In A Drum (Rca 1958 Prod. Shorty Rogers)
Rexroth, Kenneth Nicholas At The Blackhawk
Lee, Peggy Ain't No Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears I'm A Woman

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