Inflatable Squirrel Carcass!

Rich Hazelton

Saturday mornings 2 am - 6 am

Playlist for Nov 21, 1998

Theme: "I've Gotta Pine Scented Jesus For Your Car"

SupershineBoredomsSuper Ar
Ochred BonesAndy HaasArnhem Land
Amta SinaniArawiThe Doctrine Of Cycles
EclipseTalvin SinghOk
Atomic PeaceAlice ColtraneA Monastic Trio
Spanish HarlemNew York Electric String EnsembleTapestry
FatapolisMinimal CompactLowlands Flight: Made To Measure Vol. 10
Wenn Der Sonne Ist VerbluhtDer PlanNormalette Surprise
Wir Steh'n Hier Jeden TagMax Muller7"
Noche Gato IiiCrawling With TartsMayten's Throw
Dark MatterNew From BabelLetters Home
Takao BlueToshinori KondoTaihen
The WindJu'hoansi BushmenNamibia: Songs Of The Ju'hoansi
The SonglinesLuc HoutkampThe Songlines
Flute In A QuarryAlexandro JodorowskyShades Of Joy: Music Of El Topo
Judy's MoodsPucho & The Latin Soul BrothersSuper Freak
Harlem GlobetrottersP. RenoSound Book: Dewolfe Music Library & Background Sound
Trains & Boats & PlanesMoe KauffmanGoes Electric
Uh Oh Pt. 1The Nutty SquirrelsPecker
BypassStock, Hausen & WalkmanOrgan Transplants Vol. 1
Last Delicious CigaretteMatmosThe West
Der Lsd MarscheGuru GuruUfo
Like A White Star Tangled And Far, Tulip That's What You AreTyrannosaurus RexUnicorn
Ill At HomeRoy MontgomeryAnd Now The Rain Sounds Like Life Is Falling Down Through It
Tokoloshe ManKongosKongos
Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya YaDr. JohnGris-Gris
Suh Blah Blah Buh SibiRoswell RuddFlexible Flyer
Light In DarknessAlbert AylerLive In Greenwich Village
ChadologyNoel AchkoteLust Corner
Let's Cut A RecordThe Three StoogesMadcap Musical Nonsense
Beware Of The BlobThe Five BlobsThe Golden Turkey Album
Dirty DancingGert Wilden & OrchestraSchulmadchen Report
Mr. Joe (Witness For The Defence)RumplestiltskinRumplestiltskin
Venus In FursVelvet UndergroundVelvet Underground And Nico
One More Red NightmareKing CrimsonRed
Nature's LawMiss MurgatroidThrough Alien Empires
ChristinatronCare Of The CowI Still Don't Know Your Style
Hermetic Back PieceSten HansonThe Sonosopher Retrospective
Minuet With HydrocephalusLech JankowskiInstitute Benjamenta
Bg In Hi FiOrchid SpangiaforaWorks In Progress
Lights OutCrazy OttoPiano Solos
LoadMoebius/Plank/NeumeierZero Set

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