Inflatable Squirrel Carcass!

Rich Hazelton

Saturday mornings 2 am - 6 am

Playlist for Nov 7, 1998

Theme: An Alien Shell

GnosticGraham Moncur IiiSome Other Stuff
Trio "Lettre D'automne"Art ZoydMusique Pour L'odysee
The Last Place To GoBoxhead EnsembleThe Last Place To Go
The Five DoctorsPeter HowellThe Best Of Doctor Who: Vol. 1
Side AJim O'rourkePlease Note Our Failure
Plot ZeroTrans-Millenia ConsortPlot Zero
Atomic Moog 2000ColdcutModulations: Cinema For The Ear
Reflections In A Plastic GlassThe High Llamas/Stock, Hausen & WalkmanLollo Rosso
GoneDavid Holmes/Kruder & DorfmeisterThe K&D Sessions
Rerelease HysteresisMouse On MarsGlam
Prayer ClothArcane DeviceEngines Of Myth
Braunes LangourWolfgang MullerBat
Track 2, Side ABiotaBiota
Piece For Tape RecorderVladimir UssachevskyPioneers Of Electronic Music
MojiriMakigami Koichi/Anton BruhinElectric Eel
CompositionTransvalueBook 1
Higher And HigherJohn GavantiJohn Gavanti
40 Words On WorshipDavid GrubbsThe Thicket
Transparent BlackThe RenderersA Dream Of The Sea
A Perfect Day EliseP.J. HarveyIs This Desire?
AliceMott The HoopleThe Hoople
Night SocietySilver JewsAmerican Water
A Romantic FlightDick Orkin/Jane Roberts/Jim RunyonThe Best Of Chickenman
EclipseThe Moving Sidewalks99th Floor
Psychotic ReactionCount FivePsychotic Reaction:The Complete Count Five
A Woman Named SandozThe AnimalsBest Of The Animals
Navajo Beach Blanket BingoVas Deferens OrganizationThe Idiot Parade
Drum TalkSusie Ibarra/Denis CharlesDrum Talk
Folk Song For RosiePaul Motian QuintetMisterioso
Per Rig Chog SumYungchen LhamoComing Home
EarthThird Ear BandThird Ear Band
Daily DanceDoug Snyder/Bob ThompsonDaily Dance
Nickolaievski SoldatAnnie GosfieldBurnt Ivory And Loose Wires
Tuulen Nostatus/Raising The WindSanna Kurki-SuonioMusta
Fantasm*BHoppy KamiyamaJuice And Tremolo
Track 9Martin Saint-PierreLe Corps Sonore
EssenceDonald ByrdElectric Byrd
HallucinationsRoy BuddGet Carter
Suspendi Il TempoEddaMo'plen 1000

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