Inflatable Squirrel Carcass!

Rich Hazelton

Saturday mornings 2 am - 6 am

Playlist for Feb 7, 1998

Theme: Formidable Croissants Of Theory

ExperienceRobin RimbaudThe Garden Is Full Of Metal
MongombiAka PygmiesAka Pygmy Music
Adova 1Ashanti & Ewe TribesDrums Of Death
Blue MonkRebirth Jazz BandHere To Stay
I Mean YouBuell Neidlinger's String JazzLocomotive
Welcome To TomorrowAttilio "Art" MineoMan In Space With Sounds
Standard Audio FrontendOvalDok
Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)Dj ShadowPreemptive Strike
Ancient Krell MusicLouis & Bebe BarronForbidden Planet
Denial Of AcquittalThomas DimuzioLouden
WarszawaDavid BowieLow
Sonata For LoudspeakerHenry JacobsSounds Of New Music
AftermathOliver NelsonBlack, Brown And Beautiful
The Same Wide WallFred Frith/Rene LussierNous Autres
This Great Fool's StagePauline OliverosCrone Music
Ko Psi Zalajajo- Slovenia: Folk Music & Songs
Whale Head KingDavid Thomas & The PedestriansMore Places Forever
The Sisters BerniceRebecca MooreAdmiral Charcoal's Song
ChahgaaSainkhoOut Of Tuva
The Girl From IuahpannneemuhKing CurtisThat Lovin' Feeling
L'homme Des MaraisLes Negresse VertesMlah
FarangiOstad ElahiThe Paths Of Divine Love
Tourniquet Of RosesResidentsFingerprince
Soar AwaySacred Harp SingersHarp Of 1,000 Strings: Southern Journey Vol. 9
Let It DownLord BuckleyBlowing His Mind And Yours Too
The FangNervous NorvusTransfusion
Flim Flam FlumIvor Cutler TrioLudo
They Like You UndoneTall DwarfsStumpy
Bunny's Sky HighMascara SueBunny's Sky High 7"
"Blood And Sand" She SaidThese Immortal SoulsMarry Me (Lie, Lie)
PendulesPierre HenryLa Ville, Die Stadt
Piece Pour Piano Op. 33bArnold SchoenbergOeuvres Pour Piano
A Sunday In MadridRobert WyattShleep
I Believe In NeoismMonty CantsinAhora Neoismus
Dr. Phibes Visits ChicagoDoo-DooettesLook To This
What Color Is Love?Sub SeniorsCamp Romaca For Girls: Hinsdale, Ma
Trio For SamplersDavid SheaShock Corridor
Hogs Slaughtered- Stereo Sound Spectacular
Bingo Gazingo's BoleroBingo GazingoBingo Gazingo
I-LocationOopartsOut Of Place Artifacts
J'ai Vu Naguere En Peinture Les Harpies Ravissant Le Repas De Phynee Shub-NiggurathLes Morts Vont Vite
SanitiesJohn CaleMusic For A New Society
HarmonicsArnold DreyblattPropellers In Love
Harqal-AdaKobatDeutscher Funk
Mantra IiPopol VuhNosferatu
Suspiria (Celeste And Bells)GoblinSuspiria
Take CareAdamWelcome Back

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