Inflatable Squirrel Carcass!

Rich Hazelton

Saturday mornings 2 am - 6 am

Playlist for Saturday, May 27, 2000

Theme: Tomato-Flavoured Poodle Flu

Hollywood SymphonyHolger CzukayMovies
The Good, The Bad And The UglyRay Conniff & The SingersTurn Around Look At Me
The Herald Angel For Alto Trombone & PianoGregory Van Der
Struik/Helen OsborneTrombonis Australis
Sub-JumpHammett BluiettThe Clarinet Family
Andante Largetto: Concerto No. 2 In F MinorGeorg Friedrich
Haendel/Les Arts FlorissantsConcerti Op. 6
Krimi SlopFranco GodiSignor Rossi
El Coco Baile/SuavitoSenor CoconutFor Films: Selected Tracks For Moving Pictures: Edit 4
Pee Wee And The WolfPee Wee HuntThe Classics Ala Dixie
This Is What HappensThe Keith Tippett Group"Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening"
Fluorescent Showboat To TangierRenald & The LoafPlay Struve & Sneff
Vocal Cut-UpBryon GysinThat I Am Am I
Lovers/WorldRuth White7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards and Pinions
BodsBruce HaackHush Little Robot
Hollow PointCriterionRoot Canal
Energy FlowRyuichi SakamotoBack To Basics
Scapegoat(Reconstructed by) PhoeneciaDeadpan Escapement: Reconstructed
MantisRZARZA as Bobby Digital
Unipod ParticlesDown SoutIll Saint Presents Subterranean Hitz, Volume 3
Hard Drive DubBurnt Friedman & The New Dub PlayersStaedtizism
AquariusCannonball AdderleySoul Zodiac
EarthJoe HendersonElements
Thaba BosiuSipho MabuseJazz Offerings From South Africa
SunwatcherAlbert AylerNew Grass
Marimba Mondo 1: The RainforestMoondogElpmas
Si Ga Ni Wa TaRoman BunkaDein Kopf Ist Ein Schlafendes Auto
Life EverlastingEarthen VesselHard Rock
Babylon I'm ComingPiero PiccioniIn Lounge 7"
BraindamagedThe KinksArthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire
NoonTarwaterAnimals, Suns & Atoms
When A Man Loves A WomanApes Of GodHow To Pick Up Girls
For The Dead And UnbornMasstishaddhuShekinah
Got AwaySussan Deihim/Richard HorowitzDesert Equations: Azax Attra
Ursus Arctos WonderfilisGastr Del SolThe Serpentine Similar
Raga Mishra Kafi (Alap)Bebashish BhattacharyaHindustani Slide Guitar
Saturn CityThe Court And The SparkVentura Whites

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