Pseu Braun's Musical Choices for June 9, 2000

(accuracy never guaranteed!)
"Park Dietz, Hottie!"

Machine Gun TvFrozenHq
TwillIgnoramus, Taffeta, ScrubEssential Exercises
Jean SmithSiamese HipsJean Smith
Irene Moon?Floraledehyde
Brian LaddExxchange7"
CreaturesTurn It On (Remix)Hubrios
MonitorsHead With Tow ThingsV/A Cool Beans
Animated EggAlove Built On SandMind Expanders/Animated Egg Split
The Come OnsOperation Get DownThe Come Ons
Apes Of GodNocturnoHow To Pick Up Girls
Anthony RotherGenstruckturSimulationszeitlalter
Dakar And GrinserTake Me NkedV/A Unter Unserem
Land Of The LoopsSlumber Party?
Quixotic?Night For Day
Glove CompartmentPage OneLook At That Film
SkywaveSlow In SpaceEchodrone
BeigeJamaika FraktalI Don't Either
IranThe Music Plays Itself7"
SalomeChambers And Vessels7"
Laughing Soup DishTeenage Lima Bean7"
Lydia LunchHeart Attack And VineV/A New Coat Of Paint-Songs Of Tom Waits
The Aislers SetChicago New YorkThe Last Match
DelgadosAmerican Trilogy?
White Town?Peek And Poke
Masters Of The HemisphereGorgar's RoomI'm Not A...

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