Pseu Braun's Musical Choices for May 12, 2000

(accuracy never guaranteed!)
"Prom Hair At The Record Fair"

--- Psychos And Wild Things
Sandy PoseyThe Boy I Love7"
Kimya DawsonTalking ErnestI'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
Anne SummersVitaminsV/A Pop 2k The Album
Elk CityDreams Of SteamV/A Parasol's Sweet 16
The CliqueSuperman7"
Brown 25ContraptionLunar Modular Unit
The Swinging MachinesDo You Have To Ask, Coming On Back HomeV/A Aliens,
Optiganally YoursI'm Bad At SportsExclusively Talentmaker!
PulsarAttempts To Creat Life From Non-Living MatterThis New Terrain
DevoHere To GoPioneers Who Got Scalped
Denki GrooveFlashback DiscoV/A Japan Not For Sale
SolexRandy Costanza (Push Up)Athens Ohio EP
Sonic SumSalad ForkThe Sanity Annex
Micheal Houelleberg?Presence Humaine
The Green RayMorning SongThe Green Ray
SlipperLalabye, FascinatingInvisible Movies
JandekNonchalantLiving In A Moon So Blue
Demarnia LloydFoldingTrace
Evelyn GlennieShadow Behind The Iron SunShadow Behind The Iron Sun Skindex
YwaveGet The GirlEchodrone
Stock, Hausen And WalkmanIkeaOrgan Transplants Vol 2
Cephalic CarnageObsevationExploiting Dysfunction
PleaseeasaurRoy The MasterAs Seen On Tv
Eternal ElysiumSplendid Selfish WomanSpiritualized D
Beta Bodega CoalitionTrk 3Psychological Operations In Guerilla Warfare
Johnny HawksworthRhythm And RockV/A Cinemaphonic
HefnerHello Ketten, Destroyed Cowboy FallsBoxing Hefner
Kings Of ConvenienceFailureKingsof Convenience
MoonlightersMink CarpetDreamland

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