Pseu Braun's Musical Choices for May 5, 2000

(accuracy never guaranteed!)
"God, you know the one..."

Chemical BrothersAsleep From DaySurrender
Foo FightersWalking After YouThe Color And The Shape
Demarnia LloydFlyingTrace
Weird SummerWho Are YouMp3
HefnerBlind Girl With HaloBoxing Hefner
JayhawksMr. WilsonSmile
Lee HazelwoodHangin' OnThe Cowboy And The Lady
Tex Williams And The Western CaravanSmoke!Smoke!Smoke! That CigaretteV/A Swing West Vol 3
Noam ChomskyTrk 3Case Studies In Hypocrisy
ShellLittle HellShell Is Swell
Rachel's/MatmosFull On Night (Part Of)Full On Night
SodastreamWest 45thPractical Footwear
Adam GreenSteak For ChickenAdam Green
CinnamonDid You Think I Would Ever Let You GoCinnamon
PleaseeasaurYou've Got The ToughAs Seen On Tv
Lilys/Aspera Ad AstraBring Back The WallsLilys/Aspera Ad Astra
The RadioCrystal BlueV/A Vancouver Special
Wee TurtlesRain DragThis Land Is Your Land
The American FlagWe've Finally Found MeThe American Flag
SupergrassWhat Went Wrong (In Your Head)Supergrass
Palaxy TracksThe Family TreeThe Long Wind Down
Dahlia SeedGreg Leto's TearsV/A Genre Non-Specific
Current 93/Antony And The Johnsons??
Evelyn GlennieThunder CavesShadow Behind The Iron Sun
Sheila ChandraShanti, Shanti, ShantiRoots And Wings
The Vanity SetNightstickThe Vanity Set
Amon TobinGet Your Snack OnSupermodified
PulsarEvent HorizonThis New Terrain
MuslimguazeGopi JuggleBaghdad
Tico Puta?Harmonica Forever

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