Pseu Braun's Musical Choices for Apr 28, 2000

(accuracy never guaranteed!)
"21, Legal And Supermodified"

Old Time Relijun?La Sirena De Pecera
Bob HundBubbel TuekanIstallet For Musik Forvirring
Daniel JohnstonI LoseRejected Unknown
Nondor Nevai?A Capella Cantata
Sink ManhattanCome TogetherBleakhouse
Arab On RadarPiggin' In The Pumpkin PatchSplit 7"
Smell And Quim?Stephen Hawking's Butt Plug
Cyrus Sullivan21 And LegalMp3
Cocker SpanielsPay To LearnLittle White Truths
Palaxy TracksThe Golden DaysThe Long Wind Down
>From Bubblegum To SkyShe FloatsMe And Amy And The Two French Boys
Of MontrealIn The Army KidThe Singles And Songles Album
Little Red RobotLoveIt's In The Sound
Amon TobinMarine MachinesSupermodified
Bardo Pond And Roy HarperA TuneV/A Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 2
Electro GroupAllstarLine Of Sight 7"
LushThought Forms12"
The MolesTendrils And ParacetamolUntune The Sky
Edward Ka-SpellChild ThingRed Letters
Doug GillardGood To See YouI Am A Tree EP
GirlsThe Elephant ManT.E.M.
Le Shok?We Are Electrocution
Detroit Grand PunasLight My Fire12"
Fm EinheitKrankheit Oder Moderne FrauenFm 4.5.1 Compilation
Spring Heel JackPiece For 6 TurntablesOddities
Joseph ArthurCockroachCome To Where I'm From
Alfred 23 HarthPalace PortraitRed Art
??Tagteam Noise Rumble
D.J. RevolutionHard RockV/A Deep Concentration
Drum Machine TechniciansBeat Was A-Bumpin'C4
The HorrorsI Don't Need A Woman, I Need A NurseThe Horrors
Family Of God?CD

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