Pseu Braun's Musical Choices for April 21, 2000

(accuracy never guaranteed!)

Centro-MaticMagic CyclopsAll The Falsest Hearts Can Try
The American FlagPledgeJust Like Friends
Laughing Soup DishPlant LifeWe Are The Dish
Secret SydeI See Through Your MindHidden Secrets
DonovanBallad Of A Crystal ManHits
HefnerPull Yourself TogetherBoxing Hefner
Sleater-KinneyYouth DecayAll Hands On The Bad One
Kletka RedPersecutionHybrid
Sonic YouthFree City RhymesN.Y.C. Ghosts And Flowers
Ron Kuivila And Nicholas CollinsFast Feet Slow Smoke?
Raymond ScottCindy ElectroniumManhattan Research Inc
PlastikmanHelikopterSheet One
Black MassesWonderful PersonV/A Dmitri From Paris/A Night At The Playboy Mansion
I Am SpoonbenderFrozen Dog FuturistTeletwin
SmegmaBoils And Carbuncles7"
Mixmaster MikeHarsky And StarchEye Of The Cyklops
Gus GusPurpleGus Gus Vs. T-World
John ChowningStriaV/A Ohm The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music
SmogWine Stained Lips7"
Marianne Faithfull?Vagabond Ways
Patti SmithChina BirdGung Ho
Bob HundIstallet For Musik ForvirringIstallet For Musik Forvirring
Christine 23 OnnaNew CaledoniaSpace Age Bachelor Pad Psychedelic Music
Sarcastic OrgasmSoap Opera HallucinationsSarcastic Orgasm
Charles Wilp/I:O:1Mad. Ave Perfume AdV/A Michelangelo In Space/Bunny Remixes
F.M.EinheitUmp-Ammer/EinheitFm 4.5.1 Compilation

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