Pseu Braun's Musical Choices for Apr 14, 2000

(accuracy never guaranteed!)
"Delta Flies Some Big-Ass Planes"


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Anton LaveyPrologueThe Satanic Mass
Malcolm MclarenYou Need HandsV/A Sexpistols-The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
The American FlagOh My MindJust Like Friends
TomorrowMy White BicycleTomorrow
Doleful LionsDriller KillerV/A Parasol's Sweet 16
Volcano SunsBarricadeThing Of Beauty
Attitude RobotsSnotIron -On T-Shirt
Lee DorseyGo-Go GirlCD
Alice D.J.Better Off AloneV/A Promo
En VogueMy Lovin'V/A Mtv The First 1000 Years
StetsasonicTalking All That JazzDmitri From Paris/A Night At The Playboy Mansion
Mixmaster MikeGummm Get Summm, Dented FridgeEye Of The Cyklops
Chris BallDrol627V/A This Is Ovenguard Vol 3
Raymond ScottThe Wild Piece, Take Me To Your Violin TeacherManhattan Research Inc.
B. FleischmannDropsPop Loops For Breakfast
Marianne FaithfullElectraVagabond Ways
Angelo BadalamentiSnappy LipstickSndtrk-Holy Smoke
Family Of GodCountry Of...Generica America 7"
Nite People(Colin Scot.)Nite People
QuickspaceA RoseThe Death Of Quickspace
DreamiesTrk 2Dreamies
CoilThe AvatarsAstral Disasters
ZemekouleSlede, Zive SledeV/A Sonone Sampler
Blaise Siwula TrioTendencies In TandemV/A Cimposium Vol 7
KoesterOut To PastureOh Turpentine
Death Cab For Cutie405We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes
PleaseeasaurSexy Lip Hair?
Apples In StereoThe RainbowDiscovery Of A World Inside The Moon
LilysBring Back The WallsAspera Ad Astra