Pseu Braun's Musical Choices for March 24, 2000

(accuracy never guaranteed!)
"Sailing the Sea of Ennui"

Apples In StereoBehind The WaterfallLook Away EP
Essex GreenChesterEssex Green
Beachwood SparksBalld Of Never Rider, Silver Morning AfterBeachwood Sparks
Death Cab For CutieLowell MaWe Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes
LeakeyTechno Motorcycle, Kid SoundsLeakey
Electric BirdsParrallelogramElectric Birds
QuickspaceGlorianaThe Death Of Quickspace
Casiotone For The Painfully AloneYou NeverAnswering Machine Music
Men's Recovery ProjectAnt ArticaGolden Triumph Of The Naked Hostility
The Glove CompartmentAnchovy EyeThe Glove Compartment
GranddaddyGlassy-Dusty (Worthless)V/A Tape Op
Fred WeinbergA Child's LifeV/A Electronic Toys 2
Cuspidor/Roy TinselToward The Gentle SleeperCuspidor/Roy Tinsel
New Grape Time?New Grape Time
Holly Golightly?God Don't Like It
Ides Of MarchYou Need LoveIdeology
Jonny And The ShamenDick TracyAdventures In Espionage
Flashing LightsHigh SchoolWhere The Change Is
Guided By VoicesFly Into AshesHold On Hope EP
Lou Hoffler TrioDerrick 2000V/A A Sheep Sampler
Jean Garand's Garage BandCheap ClothesV/A Blow The Fuse
Les Maledectus SoundTransfer From The ModulationLes Maledectus Sound
Sonic's RendezvousClock With No HandsCity Slang
Nondor NevaiWeird On Disco MountainA Capella Cantata
Lessening LessonQuinquoidV/A Ersatz Audio
Dave StaffordReflectiveSuperambient
Bob HundNu Ar Det Val RevolutionNu Ar Det Val Revolution
SupergrassPumping On Your StereoPumping On Your Stereo
The American FlagThe Sunshine WorldMp3
Push Button ObjectsChewbacca On CrackDirty Dozen
Jacob ZerendesDanielleOrdem E Progresso
Xavier GarciaPos HrkowPos Hrkow 7"
Nicholas Collins/Peter CusackTrk 9100 Of The World's Most Beautiful Melodies
HerbertBack To The StartV/A Voices In My Lunchbox
O.M.D.ElectricityV/A Machine Soul
??V/A Simla Beat
Blectrum From BlechdomCosmic CarwashSnauses And Mallards EP
Wolf EyesMy Recipe Is Lust12"
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCommotion20 Greatest
Trembling Blue StarsTo Leave It NowBroken By Whispers

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