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Oct 29, 2001
unorthodox fall contract II
my annual tribute to my favorite band, the Fall
coinciding with the end of daylight savings time
as we fall back into winter minds

(let's hope the archive computer didn't crash during the show this week...)

thanks to brian turner for the live cassettes and rebecca ross for filling in vinyl holes.
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
intro: from "perverted by language//bis" videocassette
the fall - fantastic life (live), auckland, august 82 - fall in a hole
the fall - bombast - this nation's saving grace
the fall - the classical - hex enduction hour

(bed: "louie louie," live 77 CD)

the fall - lie dream of casino soul (live), iceland, 1981 - cassette
the fall - i'm a mummy - levitate
the fall - couldn't get ahead - 12"
the fall - before the moon falls - dragnet
the fall - muzorewi's daughter (live), UK, 1979 - totale's turns
the fall - feeling numb - cerebral caustic

(bed: "repetition," live 77 CD)

the fall - kicker conspiracy - 2x7" A-side
the fall - in my area - 7" B-side
the fall - c 'n' c/s. mithering - grotesque (after the gramme)
the fall - my ex-classmate's kids - are you are missing winner
the fall - crap rap/like 2 blow - live at the witch trials
the fall - pat-trip dispenser - 458489 B-sides
the fall - kurious oranj (live), edinburgh, august 1988 - i am as pure as

(bed: "frightened," live 77 CD)

the fall - hands up billy - the unutterable
the fall - rebellious jukebox - live at the witch trials
the fall - 2 x 4 - the wonderful and frightening world of the fall
the fall - middle mass - slates
the fall - edinburgh man - shift-work
mark e. smith interview - excerpt: from "perverted by language (bis)"
the fall - smile (live) NYC, march 1983 - speed trials comp.

(bed: "dresden dolls," live 77 CD)

the fall - how i wrote elastic man - 7" A-side
the fall - das vulture ans ein nutter-wain - the light user syndrome
the fall - room to live - room to live
the fall - mr. pharmacist - the domesday pay-off triad-plus!
the fall - totally wired (live), NYC - a part of america therein, 1981
the fall - ludd gang - 7" B-side
the fall - look, know (live), iceland, 5/6/83 - austurbaejarbio

(bed: excerpt, live at brownies, april 1998, from brian turner's 2001
marathon premium CD)

the fall - flat of angles - dragnet
the fall - mere pseud mag. ed. - hex enduction hour
the fall - various times - 7" A-sde
the fall - m5#1 - middle class revolt
the fall - bremen nacht - the frenz experiment
the fall - bound - the marshall suite
the fall - glam-racket - the infotainment scan

the fall - rowche rumble (live), UK, 1979- totale's turns
the fall - words of expectation (live), maida vale, 1983 - kimble

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