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Oct 15, 2001
taking it back to `93 or thereabouts...
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
judas priestliving after midnightbritish steelcolumbia
nirvanascentless apprenticein uterogeffen
wipersso youngover the edgerestless
the rock*a*teenscropdusts/tdaemon
appalachian deathridewintersongs/tanyway
the kinksthis is where i belongkink kroniklesreprise
sebadohthe freed pigIIIhomestead
rizzonoise boyphoning it inSFTRI *
new born naturalsslow down7"full-tilt *
les fleur de lysmud in your eyenuggets II boxrhino
oneidanew headanthem of the moonjagjaguwar *
ram jamblack bettys/tepic
drunk horsearroyo grandes/tman's ruin
boys from nowhereall tied upthe wedding albumskyclad
zz topi'm bad, i'm nationwidedeguellowarner bros.
the gitsanother shot of whiskeyfrenching the bullyc/z
antietamwhat she willrope-a-dopehomestead
rein sanctionf trainbroc's cabinsub pop
the walkmenwake ups/t EPstar time
pitchblendesawed off citykill atom smasherfistpuppet
distractionstime goes by so slow7"factory
comsat angelsmassenz.polydor
girls against boysbulletproof cupidvenus luxure no. 1 babytouch & go
slaveschemical priests/tloveletter
fischerspoonerthe 15th#1int'l. deejay gigolo
cabaret voltairesluggin fer jesus (part one)eight crepuscle tracksgiant
godfleshwound '917"sub pop
radio birdmanwhat gives?the essentialsub pop (R)
pavementshoot the singer (one sick verse)watery, domesticmatador (R)
t. rexlight of lovegreat hits 1972-1977polydor (R)
game theorythe waist and the kneeslolita nationenigma
superconductorthe strip oraclebastardsongboner
slant 6click clickinzombiadischord
cowsin the mouth7"amrep
claw hammerbedside coffee table mannersthank the holder uppersinterscope
dan melchior's broke revuefashionheavy dirtin the red *
royal truxstevieacceleratordrag city
thomas jefferson slave apartmentsbaboon's liver7"siltbreeze
able tasmansrainbowa cuppa tea and a lie downflying nun
fridgedrum machines and glockenspielshappinesstemporary residence ltd. *

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