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Oct 1, 2001
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
freestyle fellowshipmy fantasyto whom it may concern...sun music
ike & tina turnernutbush city limitsget backliberty
uriah heepsweet lorrainelivemercury
oneidastill rememberin' hidin' in the stonesanthem of the moonjagjaguwar *
f/ijust to get us offspace mantra/boy dirt car split CDlexicon devil *
band of susansthe pursuit of happinesswired for soundblast first
crystalized movementsin the open worldrevelations from pandemoniumtwisted village
flying saucer attackseptember 25, 1997 #3split CD w/ main & white winged mothmort aux vaches
sea of tombsfire birdss/tgravity *
savage resurrectionappeal to the happys/tmod lang
traffic soundwhat you need and what you wanttibet's suzetteslazarus audio products
the fluidgoin' awaypunch & judyrayon
love batterydamageddayglosub pop
the strokestrying your luckis this itRCA *
the quailsbrighterwe are the quailsinconvenient *
the cleangetting oldercompilationhomestead
lemonheadsmy drug buddyit's a shame about rayatlantic
yusef lateeflove theme from the robeplays for loversprestige
roxy music2 H.B.s/treprise
the sweeti wanna be committeddesolation blvd.capitol
stranglerspeachesrattus norvegicusA&M
le shokgive me something help me please6"ka-pow *
the brooddon't look for mein spite of it allget hip
the mortalsdisintegrationritual dimension of soundestrus
drag city supersessionn.i.b.tramps, traitors and little devilsdrag city *
laughing hyenasgirlcrawltouch & go
the spencer davis groupi'm a mani'm a mansundazed *
joy divisionnoveltyheart and soul box setrhino *
orlando riva soundmoon-boots (extended mix)12"salsoul
halo of fliesfather paranoia12"twin/tone
the proletariatscarssoma holidayradiobeat
jacobitesthe big storethe ragged schooltwin/tone
matthew sweetcortez the killergoodfriendzoo entertainment
sigur rossveln-g-englarsveln-g-englar EPfatcat/PIAS *

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