Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Sept 24, 2001
"one week to go ..."
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
fuzzheadstay saneLSDtwisted village
ten bensonsternhisscottage *
apbtalk to mesomething to believe inlink
peter jefferies & shayne carterknocked out or thereabouts7"flying nun
the yeah yeah yeahsart stars/t EPshifty *
scratch acidshe saids/trabid cat
zz topwhiskey 'n mamario grande mudlondon
us maplethe state is badlong hair in three stagesskin graft
neil young & crazy horselike a hurricaneweldreprise
dead moonday after daycrack in the systemtombstone (R)
sleepyheadalbatrosschinny chin chin comp.see eye
michael nesmiththe upside of goodbyeand the hits just keep on comin'RCA
guided by voicesi am a treemag earwhig!matador (R)
george harrisonwhat is lifeall things must passapple
wizzardsee my baby jivesingles a's & b'srepertoire
edanmic manipulator (instr.)12"lewis recordings *
nightingaleswhich hi-fi?pissed and potless: the definitive nightingales collectioncherry red *
space ballerinasjohnny spaceshipif goth was pinkyoyo *
harriet the spyi hate america (but i think i'll stay)10"double agent
minutementony gets wasted in pedrothe politics of timenew alliance
crainking octanespeedautomatic wreckords
the yah mosgiving up is like, sooooo overrateds/tgern blandsten *
the needthe green manalishi with the two-pronged crownthe structure of scientific misconceptions comp.toyo *
solexthe dot on the i between the h and the tlow kick and hard bopmatador *
new orderprimitive notionget readyreprise *
crowns on 45transformernot on the menuheartcore *
rob hubbardcrazy cometsinput 64 comp.l'age d'or *
love as laughtertemptation islandsea to shining seasub pop *
urge overkillwichita lineman7"touch & go
the ex & tom coraeverything & meand the weathermen shrug their shouldersex records
joel r.l. phelpslady lucerowarm springs nightel recordo
isaac hayeswalk on byhot buttered soulenterprise
arsonistsspace junkdate of birthmatador *
tadstumblin' man8-way santasub pop
james blood ulmerare you glad to be in americaare you glad to be in americaartists house
blectum from blechdomin search of the non-stop party planethaus desnaustigerbeat6 *
resineatorswhiskey shotsdon't ____ with the fantasysiltbreeze *
nervesbehind the treesworld of goldthrill jockey *
fela and the africa 70zombiezombieuniversal *

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