Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Aug 6, 2001
mistake-laden "new music monday" edition
aside from the archie shepp track and the white stripes request, all of the tracks played come from the WFMU new bin.
Sorry! Archive lost due to computer crash!
ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
archie sheppthree for a quarterthree for a quarter, four for a dimeimpulse
thalia zedektemporary guestbeen here and gonematador
the beta bandsquareshot shots IIastralwerks
red monkeyessential nutrientsgunpowder, treason & plottroubleman
the secondsnot about love[y]no label
arab on radarmy mind is a muffleryahweh or the highwayskin graft
crimson sweetqueen city v.a.foil beach epslow gold zebra
early humansare you kiddings/twantage USA
the rondellesthe foxshined nickels and loose changek
"fatal" microbesviolence growsobey the new wave label
astronautswe were talkingmessthetics #5
tori amosheart of goldstrange little girl EPatlantic
lost kidswhirling dervishbelle isle is on fire epGSL
the blow upsuicide doortrue noiseestrus
king brothersbig bosss/tin the red
the white stripesthe union foreverwhite blood cellssympathy
fuseto your healths/trewind
the sorrowspink, purple, yellow, redhot smoke and sassafras comp.castle
pramthe way of the mongoosesomniloquymerge
lessermensa dunce squad leg up programmensa dance squadtigerbeat6
pig destroyercheerleader corpsesprowler in the yardrelapse
tight bros from way back wheninside looking outlend you a handkill rock stars
canned hammkarazmakarazmapro-am
squarepusherbonneville occidentgo plasticwarp
the detroit cobrascan't miss nothinglife, love and leavingsympathy
swamp doggthat ain't my wiferat on!elektra
edith frosteasy to lovewonder wonderdrag city
meishatransferring mass through the portals of timethe first lessons in new era time482 music
the faintlet the poison spill from your throatdanse macabresaddle creek
the walkmenthe crimpss/tstar time
yardbirdsheart full of soulultimate yardbirdsrhino
byrdsshe has a waypreflytepoptones
the oxfordsyoung girl's lamentflying up through the skygear fab
reigning soundwaiting for the daybreak up break downsympathy
margarita y u.c.e.don't forget mes/tno label
fatherdancing majorknowing we was right from da start comp.555
submission holdthe paradesackcloth and ashesebullition
boxstep11:55the faces all look onovercoat
candiesdiesleaving our homesturn

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