Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey mit dj-orangejulius
21er Mai, 2001
der wfmu 91.1fm kulturzentrum
playlist for a fun show
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
wizzardmeet me at the jailhousewizzard's brewunited artists
tripod jimmieautumn leaveslong walk off a short pierdo speak
providence unionplastic ceilingsdie me infinity +4donut friends *
junocovered with haira future lived in past tensedesoto *
the trans megettitrick the twitchesfading left to completely ongern blandsten *
"new" terror classwith an uzi and a 40 oz.did you hear that we fucked...troubleman *
government issuejoy ridejoy ridefountain of youth
magazinemy tulpamaybe it's right to be nervous nowvirgin *
teddy duchamp's armyone big hollywoodEPhope records *
KMDsweet premium wineblack bastardssub verse *
mos def and talib kweliknow thatblack on both sidesrawkus
aesop rockskip townfloatmush *
anti-pop consortiumlazarus pitshopping carts crashingnippon crown *
jimmy giuffre 3two kinds of bluess/tatlantic
erase erratamarathontypical girls label *
pissed officerssome songssplit 10" w/ gerty farishno label
billy garneryou're wasting my timesuperfunk 2 comp.BGP *
dirtbombskung fuultraglide in blackin the red *
playgroupshock absorberepic sound battles vol. 1cherry red
electric light orchestradon't bring me downdiscoveryjet
moonshakeflowbig good angelmatador
loveliesfortunate onemad orphan109
the vivian girlsa spectacles/tradio one *
sun city girlsinstantaneous decisionslibyan dreamabduction *
bad brainsre-ignitioni against iSST
botchfrequency ass banditwe are the romanshydra head
dog faced hermanssuppressamental blocks for all ageskonkurrel
the curea short term effectpornographyfiction
phil ochschords of famechords of fameA&M
the opheliasnew societys/tstrange weekend
dream syndicatewhen you smilethe days of wine and rosesruby
guild of temporal adventuresstars are in your eyes10"fiasco
flying burrito burrito #1gram parsons: sacred hearts & fallen angelsrhino *
lemonheadsdie right nowcreatortaang!
orange juiceblue boythe heather's on firepostcard
grifterstupelo moanone sock missingshangri-la
archie sheppsteamsteaminner city

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