Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Apr 2, 2001
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
the animalsinside looking outanimalizationMGM
social comaside B7"youth attack *
cynicsi live alone7"get hip
emperor penguinwizard dudedamnmy pal god *
corndollyafterschool special7"dalmatian
bugskullfalse alarm10"quixotic
nice strong armdate of birthreality bathhomestead
the moveblackberry waymovementswest side
wipersromeohistory of portland punk vol. 1 comp.zeno *
proletarian art threatblack helicopters/z (he is alive)s/tlean enterprise *
quintronfestivethe amazing spellcasterbulb
silver tongued devilyou broke my heart (so i broke your face)red eyed & tongue tiedget hip *
sunless dayharmonyelectric ahhh...amazing grease *
lifter pullermath is moneyhangin' from the devil's tree comp.your flesh *
princeerotic city12"paisley park
wild magnoliassmoke my peace pipes/tpolydor
bastroflesh colored housediablo guapohomestead
dis-explosionssmall fry 1 & 212inch
flin flonfloodsboo-booteenbeat
xexcopss/txex product
six finger satellitewhite templesmachine cuisinesub pop
gelatinous citizenrhythm of industrys/tgelatinous records
junohigh noonsplit CDEP w/ the dismemberment plandesoto *
whodinifunky beat (instr.)12"jive
cypress hillhand on the pump12"ruffhouse/columbia
public enemyshut 'em down (pete rock re-mix)12"def jam
john oswaldjensen pox lesion blues corpplunderphonics 69/96fony *
ghost exitshere comes the sunsun EPanemic *
gang of fourhe'd send in the armysolid goldwarner bros.
karl hendricks trioheart of steelbuick electrapeas kor
lilysfebruary 14th7"slumberland
desperate bicyclesi make the productanother commercial ventureno label
sir douglas quintetdon't bug me!1+1+1 = 4philips
little beavermoney vibrationsparty downcat
the oranges bandsweater weather900 miles of fucking hellmorphius *
dumpet moi et moi et moia plea for tendernessbrinkman
mekonsblue arsecurse of the mekonsblast first
zumpanotemptation summarylook what the rookie didsub pop
paul newmanbeeline to mamoure-issue!my pal god *
the whothe seekerBBC sessionsMCA
wesley willisstay off the hell busdelilah'sself-released
neil michael hagertyknow thats/tdrag city *
shuggie otisaht uh mi hedinspiration informationluaka bop *
antibalasuprisingliberation orchestra vol. 1ninja tune *

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