Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Nov 20, 2000
things to pay attention to:
  • true north
  • switchblade
  • ashwin batish
  • bound and gagged
  • oil tasters
  • stretcheads
  • things that reside in the PUSZONE

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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
!!!hammerheads/t LPGSL *
pop groupshe is beyond good and evilyradar
a witnessred snake12"ron johnson
mr. oizoanalog worms attack10"mute *
bastrofilthy five filthy tendiablo guapohomestead
lyncsilver spoon glassesthese are not fall colorsK
bound and gaggedroach motel12"modern method
circus lupusright turn clydesolid brassdischord
switchbladesetting yourself on fire/worst case scenario/leaving nemesis10"blood of the young
gang of fourwhat we all wantsolid goldwarner bros.
herbaliserwho's the realestvery mercenaryninjatune
fat dayside acats of the wild100% breakfast!
spiveysthe new onesvdoubleplusgood *
xbxrxa.leach.a.gerd-eckertoyo records presents science in the shape of birds comp.toyo *
josef kfun 'n' frenzythe only fun in townpostcard
naked raygungot hurtthe last of the demohicansdyslexic
melvinsnight goat7"amrep
siegesad but true/cold war/break down the wallspushead presents cleanse the bacteria comp.pusmort
c.o.c.kiss of death""""
crude ssnazi go home/sprang alle komonhus""""
akutt inleggelsetenk no !""""
the executeslash (live)""""
vandermark 5late night hang outburn the inclineatavistic *
the end of the century partythe only reason you say you're a vampire is because frankenstein and werewolves don't get laid/become a part or come apart/swear the barrelisn't it perfectly fucking delightful to be so goddamn certain?belladonna
true northmendingswe speak in codeno idea *
second story windowexecutive realignment12"gravity
easybeatssorryabsolute anthologyimpact/line
ashwin batishbombay boogiealbum #1batish records
a certain ratiodo the dudetail from facus4factory
nu shoozi can't waitpoolsideatlantic
the associatesassociatefourth drawer downsituation two
biz markiemonique (she's not just another woman)the biz never sleepscold chillin'
dinosaurkiss me againdisco not disco comp.strut *
oil tastersemmas/tthermidor
bitch magnetknuckleheadstar bootyroman candle
the embarrassmentthe man with extra special eyesheydaybar/none
stretcheads23 skinner (theme from rhoda)12"blast first
mark stewartjerusalem12"on-u sound
eric the redlife after tuesday7"caulfield
arco flute foundationillipthethird lesson in new era timecenotaph audio *
pink fairiesthe snakeuncle harryget back
gogogoairheartthe beauty of appetite (excerpt)split LP w/ the syncopationsympathy

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