Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Nov 13,2000
on a side note, this is the best show I've done in a very long time.
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
graham central stationearthquakenow-do-u-wanta-dancewarner bros.
sweet & honeyover sidelive at your cosmic mindthe now sound
emperor penguinmakin' itmysterious ponymy pal god
add n to xincinerator no. 1add insult to injurymute *
harriet tubmanchief of policeprototypeavant *
capt. beefheart and his magic band her eyes are a blue million miles i'm going to do what I want to do rhino handmade *
scientistsset it on fireweird lovebig time
q and not ua line in the sandno kill no beep beepdischord *
french kicksyoung lawyeryoung lawyer EPstartime *
nirvanalounge actnevermindDGC
le shoktelephone disasterssplit 7" w/ the stitchesGSL *
scratch acidel espectros/trabid cat
husker duin a free land7"reflex
run-dmccan you rock it like thisking of rockprofile
the hexno more reproductionno car eptroubleman unltd. *
neptunejellyfishstudio recordingsarchenemy *
nomeansnosmall parts isolated and destroyedsmall parts isolated and destroyedalternative tentacles
fflapsdilyn dylanamhersainprobe plus
dalekclassical homicidesplit 12" w/ techno animalmatador *
main sourcelooking at the front doorbreaking atomswild pitch
oneidapure light invasioncome on everybody let's rockjagjaguwar *
the monorchidalias directorywho put out the fire?touch & go
slaveschemical priests/t 12"loveletter
nation of ulyssesuptightthe embassy tapesdischord *
television personalitiesa girl called charityyes darling but is it art?seed
gl*xo babieschristine keeler12"heartbeat
grndntl brndsdirtcommunicating for influencevaccination *
faraqueta study in complacencythe view from this towerdischord *
kinksmindless child of motherhoodkink kroniklesreprise
lynctwo feet in frontremembering the fireballs (pt. 8)K
luxurious bagsstrangervoluntary lifelong quarantinetwisted village
f/ithresholdblue starRRR
look blue go purplei don't want you anyways/tflying nun
the neo-futuristsloud songtoo much light makes the baby go blindwhitehouse
trenchmouthchalkconstruction of new action vol. 1skene!
the pop groupwe are timeyradar
fila braziliathe speewahpowerclownpork recordings
anti-clockwisethe guitar mash-downrewatchingparallelism *

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