Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Oct 30,2000
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
the karl hendricks triobaseball cards7"mind cure
the french kickswhites/t EPmy pal god
gato barbieri/don cherrytogetherness (5th movement)togethernessinner city
the party of helicoptersseven seperate kids, seven seperate firesmt. forevertroubleman unltd. *
steve martincocktail show setthe steve martin brotherswarner bros.
mudhutterswater torturekilled by death vol. 1: swingalongamuckredrum
the fisticuffs bluffautisticlive at kxlu vol. 1kxlu
mf doomrhymes like dimesoperation doomsdayfondle 'em
oneidasnow machinecome on everybody let's rockjagjaguwar *
freestyle fellowshipmy fantasyto whom it may concernsun music
machinethere but for the grace of god go i12"rca
rapemanbudd12"touch & go
the whoso sad about usa quick onepolydor
the exstonestamper's song7"ex records
monster magnetpill shovelspine of godprimo scree
discordance axispattern bluethe inalienable dreamlesshydra head *
one gang logicwho killed sex?killed by death vol. 1: swingalongamuckredrum
deltron 30303030s/tark 75 *
gai/jinm.o.d. theme7"wabana *
a certain ratiothe foxdetail from facus 4factory
murolast bongo in brightonthe art of war'wax/toy's factory japan *
the clashthis is radio clashsuper black market clashepic
vandermark/drake/mcbrideyou and your folks, me and my folks/hit it or quit it13 cosmic standardsatavistic *
de la soul and teenage fanclubfallin'judgment night sdtrk.epic
disco zombiesdrums over londonkilled by death vol. 1: swingalongamuckredrum
sonic youthbrother jameslive in hollandmy so-called records
lynxprynxlynxbox factory *
alan pricei put a spell on youthis price is rightparrot
julian copeout of my mind on dope and speedfloored geniusisland
shoes this highthe nose onekilled by death vol. 1: swingalongamuckredrum
foster sylversmisdemeanorsoul hits of the 70s vol. 16rhino
outkastB.O.B.stankonialaface *
electric eelscyclotron (gigantor)god says fuck youhomestead
international noise conspiracythe joyous sound of progress ...survival sicknessepitaph
cineramabecause i'm beautifuldisco volantescopitones *
rolling stonesi am waitingaftermathabkco
90 day mensuper illuminary(it(is)it) critical bandsouthern *
grndntl brndsgringocommunicating silencevaccination *

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