Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Oct 23, 2000

radio for the deaf
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ArtistCutAlbumLabel, * = the new shilznitz
arab on radarmiss american hair pieyou're soaking in it comp.load records
bailey/bendian/metheny/werticotrichinopolythe sign of 4knitting factory
books liethis guitar screams "been there, done that"it a weaponbushwick *
eulcidto the death of intellectualism/single senderthe wind blew all the fires outsecond nature *
redmannooroticdare iz a darknessdef jam
90 day menfrom one primadonna to another(it (is) it) critical bandsouthern *
jim blackluxuriatealasnoaxiswinter & winter *
godzik pinklifting for the lordes em, ekel em5RC *
the goriesthere but for the grace of god go ioutta herecrypt
16apollo creedscott casepessimiser
thee headcoatsi'm a confused manelementary headcoatsdamaged goods *
bad brainssupertouch/shitfitblack dotscaroline
v/vmangelssick loveself-released *
han benninkbumble rumblenerve beatsUMS *
joy divisionsound of musicBBC recordingsfuel2000 *
the party of helicoptersmt. forevermt. foreverTMU *
codeinecigarette machinefrigid starssub pop
cave inin the stream of commercejupiterhydra head *
desperate bicyclesi am nineanother commercial ventureacute *
melody dogfuturistic lover7"k
brian enobackwaterbefore & after scienceisland
david holmeshey lisabow down to the exit signgo beat/1500 *
bruno nicolaicarnival themeagente speciale LK sdtrk.dagored *
the hauntedleechmade me do itearache *
don caballerofire back about your new baby's sexamerican dontouch & go *
rhythm of black linesjeep jacksonset a summery tablesixgunlover *
warmersthin airs/tdischord
overpasssome songmanhattan (beach)smells like
outkasttoilet tishastankonialaface *
the lowdownthe big manrevolver IIstrange attractors *
the flashing lightshalf the timewhere the change isspinart
aix em klemmthe girl with the flesh colored crayons/tkranky *
kip hanrahantrust me yet?desire develops an edgeamerican clave
extended organthisXOXObirdman *
cecil taylorcalling it the 8th (excerpt)calling it the 8thhat art

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