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Oct 16, 2000

SPECIAL SHOW: Unorthodox Fall Contract
Like an OD of niacin to clean out the blood through the pores, each autumns I dedicate one radio show to Manchester's The Fall, my favorite band of all time. Last night was no exception.
ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
The Fall"The Man Whose Head Expanded"7"Rough Trade
The Fall"A Figure Walks"DragnetStep Forward
The Fall"Touch Sensitive"The Marshall SuiteArtful
The Fall"Look, Know"7"Kamera
The Fall"Words of Expectation"KimbleStrange Fruit
The Fall"Bingo Master's Breakout"7"Step Forward
The Fall"Kurious Oranj"I Am Kurious, OranjBeggars Banquet
The Fall"Joker Hysterical Face"Room to LiveKamera
The Fall"Jawbone and the Air-Rifle"Hex Enduction HourKamera
The Fall"Rowche Rumble"Totale's TurnsRough Trade
The Fall"Prole Art Threat"SlatesRough Trade
The Fall"The Container DriversGrotesqueRough Trade
The Fall"Tempo House"Speed Trials comp.Homestead
The Fall"Impression of J. Temperance"GrotesqueRough Trade
The Fall"Hip Priest"Hex Enduction HourKamera
The Fall"Rebellious Jukebox"Live at the Witch TrialsIRS
The Fall"It's a Curse"The Infotainment ScamMatador
The Fall"Wings"Kicker Conspiracy 2x7"Rough Trade
The Fall"Gut of the Quantifer"KimbleStrange Fruit
The Fall"Mess of My"Peel SessionsStrange Fruit
The Fall"Steppin' Out"Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus comp.Virgin
The Fall"Various Times"Live at the Witch TrialsIRS
The Fall"Spector Vs. Rector"DragnetStep Forward
The Fall"The N.W.R.A."A Part of America ThereinCottage
The Fall"How I Wrote Elastic Man"7"Rough Trade
The Fall"Smile"Perverted By LanguageRough Trade
The Fall"Who Makes the Nazis?"Hex Enduction HourKamera
The Fall"Hard Life in Country"Room to LiveKamera
The Fall"Dresden Dolls"Live 77Cog Sinister -1999
The Fall"My New House"This Nation's Saving GraceBeggars Banquet
The Fall"Hey Student!"Middle Class RevoltMatador
The Fall"New Face in Hell"GrotesqueRough Trade
The Fall"R.O.D."Bend SinisterBeggars Banquet
The Fall"Psykick Dance Hall"7"Step Forward
The Fall"Last Orders"Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus comp.Virgin

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