Playlists for All Fructose, No Whey with DJ Orange Julius
Sept 27, 2000
"The Telethon (Sweeps Week Edition)"
fill-in for meredith, 8PM
ArtistCutAlbumLabel (*) = New Stuff
fugazi"stacks"steady diet of nothingdischord
marc edwards trio"red sprites and blue jets"red sprites and blue jetsCIMP
the locusthidden KID-606 remixs/t 3" CDGSL
h.p. lovecraft"the white ship"two classic albums by...collector's choice music *
nachtluft"pen..."belle-view i-ivUMS/atavistic *
combatwoundedveteran"you'll never be where i am, ever in your life"i know a girl who develops crime scene photosno idea *
refused"blind date"new noise EPepitaph *
oxes"panda strong"oxesmonitor *
the fucking champs"extra man"IVdrag city *
the explosion"outbound line"flash flash flashjade tree
the bobbyteens"talk talk"not so sweetestrus *
festival of dead deer"rated are"a brief history of mental illnessthree one g *
dalek"swollen tongue burns"tea at the palaz of hoon comp.hozomeen *
broadcast"drums on fire"extended play two tommy boy *
linval thompson"12 tribes of israel"ride on dreadlocks 75-77blood and fire *
rothko"us to become sound"40 years to find a voicelo recordings * (this is my new favorite thing at WFMU)
sun city girls"samba venez norte"a bullet through the last templeabduction *
the flying luttenbachers"deathlike countenance"alpatraumpandemonium *
jon rose"hammer horrors"the hyperstring projectrecommended *
john zorn/masada"beeroth"live in sevilla 2000tzadik *

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