Playlists for The Telethon with DJ Orange Julius
Sept 4, 2000
ArtistCut (*) = New Stuff

playlist 9/4/00

in camera die laughing
savage republic the year in exile
don cherry brown rice
oneida bonus track from "steel rod" *

the fall tempo house (speed trials ver.)
michael zerang/raymond strid quasimetric thrust *
crash worship fiebre de atarantado

angelblood angelblood
SKYEYE EYE7 (shock city shockers comp.)
turing machine robotronic
hot snakes 10th planet *
bride of no-no pools of mercury *
the embarrassment d-rings

non-phixion they got (instr.)
sloy game
(the) control group lazy lazarus *
chavez repeat the ending
erase errata a passion for acting *
petty crime closed eyes

crescent sun
devo u got me bugged
circle paljasta *
alemayehu eshete tey gedyeleshem (ethiopiques v. 3)

graham central station i can't stand the rain
automator w/ kool keith cartoon capers *
zombies conversation off floral street
six finger satellite mistaken street
smashing orange my deranged heart

divine styler satan dynasty killa I *
chisel innocents abroad
combatwoundedveteran the party asteroid apocalypse *
stereo total ploetzlich ist alles anders
arcwelder favor
swell maps dresden style

drums and tuba loteria *
the white stripes death letter
screaming lord sutch murder in the graveyard *
pete rock & c.l. smooth i get physical

rumah sakit scott and jeremiah
slug swingers
solar coaster likeness of no one
zounds little bit more
the freeze no exposure

thunderclap newman something in the air
barry white/love unlt'd. orchestra can't seem to find him ("together brothers" sdtrk.)
chico hamilton carol's walk
void awakening * (good D&B, doesn't hold a candle to the split w/ the faith though)
joy division transmission
volcano suns testify

emperor penguin how y'all feel?

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