The Antique Phonograph Hour with MAC

Playlist for Jan 30, 2001

Every Tuesday afternoon, 7 PM to 8 PM.
78s and cylinders played on actual period reproducing devices.
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WhisperingPaul WhitemanVictor 1920
Come To The BallHenry BurrVictor 1911
Melinda's Wedding DayCollins & HarlanVictor 1913
I'm A Lonesome Little RaindropFrank CrumitColumbia 1920
Sweet Emalina, My GalSergeant Markel's OrchVictor 1918
Too Much MustardPrince's BandColumbia 1913
Bayside Fox TrotVictor Military BandVictor 1914
The Jolly CoppersmithArthur Pryor's BandVictor 1909
The Darktown Strutters' BallSix Brown BrothersVictor 1917
Old Black JoeChicago Glee ClubVictor 1911
Semiramide OvertureMose TapieroColumbia 1912
Four Little BlackberriesVess OssmanVictor 1910
EmalineVernon DalhartVictor 1921
The Barefoot TrailJohn MccormackVictor 1920
Little Grey Home In The WestCharles HarrisonVictor 1914
Baby Blue EyesThe Great White Way Orchestra Victor1923

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