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>Rod McKuen | The Mud Kids

>Dr. Nina Simone Interview

>Melvin van Peebles | Salmaggi's Birthday

>Iceberg Slim | Durealia

>Ray Charles | It Should Have Been Me

>Great Black Music | Interview with Joseph Jarman

>Funkadelic | Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

>Jim Roche | Bubble Blower

>Tom Mabe Phone Prank

>John Cage Abuse (Empty Words, Part III)

>John Cage | Credo in Us

>David Thomas | Surf's Up

>Pauline Oliveros | Bye Bye Butterfly

>Beach Boys | Until I Die

>Robert Ashley | excerpt from Automatic Writing

>Robert Ashley | Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon

>Reinstaltic Souns in Gastrointestinal Obstruction

>Gregory Whitehead | Oral or Anal

>Jon Macintosh | Kissing Instructions

>Chinga Charvin | Cum Stains On My Pillow Where Your Head Used To Be

>Bobby Ray + The Ferns | How's Your Bird

>Bobby Ray + The Ferns | The World's Greatest Sinner

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