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Playlist for Nov 17, 1999
"The Dark Side"
with guests Nico (No U-Turn/Saigon/Harsh)
and DJ Moonsaka () fresh from Beantown

Handsome Boy Modeling School "Oh My God! (There's Georgeous)" Handsome Boy Modeling School
Tommy Boy
De La Soul "Rap De Rap Show" De La Soul Is Dead
Tommy Boy
De La Soul "I Be Blowin'" Buhloon Mindstate
Tommy Boy
Augustus Pablo "Rockford Rock" 200% Dynamite
Soul Jazz
James Taylor Quartet "A Real Mean Time" The Moneyspyder
Re-Elect the President
Hopeton Lewis "Express Yourself" Mystic Brew
Fat City

special producer spotlight/interview: Nico (No U-Turn/Saigon/Harsh)

Descending Angel "(white)" Saigon 17
MC Rymetime "(white) (Opical Remix)" Nu Black
Nico and Future Forces "Chase" Incoming
Descending Angel "(white)" Saigon 17

Invisible Scratch Pickles "Invasion Of The Octopus People" Return Of The DJ, Vol 1* Bomb

DJ Moosaka brings on the rukus!

Electro Organic Soundsystem "Overgrown Technology" Sound Thoughts
Street Forest
Moosaka/Fakts One "Is Anybody Out There" Sound Thoughts
Street Forest
Skinny B "Da Nile" Fresstyle Blues EP
Inner Records
Silent Poets "Waiting (Mad Professor Dub Mix)" Bellissimo
Skinny B "Freestyle Blues" Fresstyle Blues EP
Inner Records
Claudo Rock/Lil' Dap/Ed OG "The Rich Get Rich (Inst.)" Nombre Prisous
Saul Williams "Amethyst Rocks' Slam Soundtrack
Selector/Moosaka "Internal Affairs" Sound Thoughts
Street Forest
Dorothy Carter "Tree Of Life" Waillee Waillee
Killah Priest/Material "Temple Of The Mental" Intonarumori
DJ Krush/DJ Yas/DJ Hazu "No More" ? (in Japanese)
Arch E. Roberts "United Nations or US?" You Can't Have Both, Which Should It Be?
Prof. Shuman/Moosaka "Majority" Sound Thoughts
Street Forest
Schoolz of Thought "Human Condition" Ear Wax
Radio Active Razt/Moosaka "I Seek '99" Sound Thoughts
Street Forest
True World Order "Eyez" Politx Experiment
Street Forest

and back to our irregularly scheduled beats and pieces...

Continuing the fine Stompin' Series Spolight:

Howlin' Wolf "Down In the Bedroom" Stompin' Vol. 7
Elmo Nixon "Forgive Me Baby" Stompin' Vol. 8
Schoolboy Cleve "She's Gone" Stompin' Vol. 9

The Wild Tchoupitoulas "Brother John" The Wild Tchoupitoulas
Jesse Hill "Naturally" Naturally
Blue Thumb
Bo Diddley "Power House" The Black Gladiator
Cornelious "The Micro-Disneycal World Tour (Sean O' Hagan Mix)" Matador
Tom Sharpling and Ronald Thomas Clontle "Rock, Rot, and Rule" Rock, Rot, and Rule
Stereo Laffs
Bob Log III "You Wanna What" Trike
Jeru the Damaja "One Day" Wrath Of The Math
Big Shug "Crush (Instumental)" Payday
Bad Company "Nine" Bad Company
Deep Blue "The Helicopter Tune" Blueprint
Moving Shadow
Illegibles "Hey Peaches" Public Works
Kids Praise! "Jesus" Kids Praise! Vol. 2
Butthole Surfers "Sweet Loaf (Intro)" Locust Abortion Techncian
Touch And Go
M-Age "Mindwarp" Chill Out Or Die III
Rising High

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