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Playlist for Sept 19, 1999
special interview with Peanut Butter Wolf

Oliver Nelson "Stolen Moments" The Dedication Series/Vol. II: Three Dimesions
United Future Organization "Stolen Moments" No Music Too Taboo
Talkin' Loud
Asha Bhosle and Chorus "Dum Maro Dum" Hare Rama Hare Krishna
John Berberian "The Magic Ground" Middle Eastern Rock
Verve Forecast
Nicos Jaritz "Otao E Eu" Batucada: The Sound of Favelas
Mr. Bongo
Pontela "Pai Bene, Queimou O Pe" Batucada: The Sound of Favelas
Mr. Bongo
DJ Hype "Roll the Beats" Suburban Base
Hype and Zinc "Global Thang Vol. 4" Global Thang
DJ Wally "Friday Nite ride" This Is Jungle Sky, Vol. 6
Jungle Sky
Beastie Boys "The Negatiation Limerick File (Ganja Kru Remix)" Grand Royal
The Esteem Team "The B.E.S.T. Rap" We're Kids!
Esteem Team
Airplane Soundtrack "I Speak Jive" Airplane!
Mac Wiseman "Listenin' CB Blues" All Ears
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood "Some Velvet Morning" Nancy and Lee
Ahmad Jamal "Autumn Leaves" Portfolio Of...
Father Tom Vaughn "Cornbread, Meatload, Greens, and Devilled Eggs" Cornbread, Meatload, Greens, and Devilled Eggs
RCA Victor
Bobby Timmons "Moanin'" Moanin'
Terry Callier "You Goin' Miss Your Candyman" What Color is Love
Cymande "The Message" Cymande
Lafayette Afro-Rock Band "Azeta" Soul Makosa
Mixmaster Mike "Suprize Packidge (Automator Remix)" Asphodel
Lootpack feat. Quasimoto "Answers" Soundpieces: The Antidote
Stones Throw
Group Home "The Realness" Payday
Jungle Brothers "How Ya Want It" Gee Street
The Herbalizer "When I Shine (Dynamic Syncopation Remix)" Ninja Tune
PM Dawn "The Nocturnal Is In The House" Gee Street
DJ Food "Mr. Quickie Cuts the Cheese" DJ Food Dublate
Ninja Tune
Bobby Jimmy and the Critters "Big Butt (Remix)" Ugly Knuckle Butt Ep
Art Phag "Jungle Luv" Art Phag
Moltriffid "Let's Dig Up Ed Gein's Corpse" Bert and Ernie Split 12"
Ice "Trapped in Three Dimensions (Alec Empire Remix)" Morpheus
The Mama's and Papa's "California Dreamin'" If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears
Gert Wilden and Orchestra "Title Theme" Schoolgirl Report
Crippled Dick
Juliette LeBlanc "Pink Carpet" Nymphomania
Sexy Hext
The West Coast Pop at Experimental Band "Help, I'm a Rock" The West Coast Pop at Experimental Band
Warner Brothers
The Monks "Monk Time" Black Monk Time
Infinite Zero
Chocolate Watchband "I'm Not Like Everyone Else" Best of...
Pretty Things "Trippin'" The Vintage Years
Creation "I'm a Man" The Complete Collection, Vol. 1

special interview with Peanut Butter Wolf...

Peanut Butter Wolf "Styles Crew Flows Beats" My Vinyl Weighs A Ton
Stones Throw

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